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Francisco Florez

Title History


  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team titles w/Alfonso Dantes defeating Bull Ramos & Black Gordman (May 21, 1969);
  • NWA Mid America Heavyweight title (as Mexican Angel) won a tournament (September 20, 1978);
  • NWA (Mid America) World Six Man Tag Team titles (as Mexican Angel) w/Bobby Eaton & George Gulas defeating The Beast, Tojo Yamamoto & Gypsy Joe (????, 1979);
  • NWA Mid America Tag Team titles (as Mexican Angel) w/Bobby Eaton defeating Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (February ??, 1979);
  • NWA Tri State Tag Team titles w/Turk Ali Bey defeating ????????? (????, 1981);
  • Stampede International Tag Team titles w/Cuban Assassin defeating Mr. Hito & Jim Neidhart (September 9, 1983);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Tag Team titles (as Mexican Angel) w/Fidel Sierra defeating Joe Savoldi & Al Perez (April 6, 1985);


Career History


  • Francisco Flores briefly wrestled as “El Torro” as a hired bounty hunter for Terry Gordy in his feud with Michael Hayes..
  • ~~~Terry Gordy claimed on TBS that El Toro held Bruno Sammartino to an hour draw in Madison Square Garden!
  • Francisco Flores was a part-time promoter of CMLL before breaking off and creating the rival Universal Wrestling Association..



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Notable Feuds

Dutch Mantell
Bobby Eaton
Don Fargo