Gabriel Chaos

Title History


  • Super Action Wrestling Cruiserweight title defeating Jack Phoenix (April 18, 2003 – April 25, 2005)


Career Highlights

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  • Chaos has a gimmick somewhat like the Crow / Sting gimmick, very mysterious yet pretentious enough to woo the crowd..
  • Although his background and history are very secretive it is known that he is a black belt in Taekwondo..
  • ~~~ a multiple time world trophy holder, and is also trained in amateur wrestling and submission fighting..
  • He was also the longest running Cruiserweight Champion in Super Action Wrestling which he held for two complete years..Super Action Wrestling:
  • April 18, 2003: Gabriel Chaos (debut match) defeated Jack Phoenix for the SAW Cruiserweight Championship!
  • He successfully defended the championship until April 25, 2005 when he lost the title to Jack Phoenix..
  • ~~~Super Action Wrestling became defunct ten days later due to contracting problems..
  • Gabriel Chaos and good friend John Hertz then became free agents, doing a few dark matches for CCW..
  • May 18, 2005 – Coliseum Championship Wrestling: Gabriel Chaos defeated Mystic Juvenile in a dark match..
  • May 25, 2005 – Coliseum Championship Wrestling: Gabriel Chaos defeated John Hertz in a dark match..