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Gary Albright

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Title History

  • Stampede International Tag Team titles w/Makhan Singh defeating Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid (December 30, 1988);
  • AJPW (All Japan) World Tag Team titles w/Stan Hansen defeating Akira Taue & Toshiaki Kawada (January 24, 1996);
  • AJPW (All Japan) World Tag Team titles w/Steve Williams defeating Johnny Ace & Kenta Kobashi (July 25, 1997);

Career Highlights

Stampede Wrestling

  • Gary Albright began his career in Calgary Stampede Wrestling for Stu Hart, gaining a lot of experience and exposure..
  • Gary Albright wrestled as “Vokhan Singh” and formed an alliance with “Mukhan Singh” billed from Karachi, Pakistan..
  • Mukhan & Vokhan Singh defeated the British Bulldogs for the International Tag Team titles..
  • Mukhan & Vokhan Singh were defeated by Chris Benoit & Beef Wellington several months later for the titles..

International Experience

  • Gary Albright had several tours of South Africa as well as in Carlos Colon’s WWC in Puerto Rico..
  • Gary Albright worked on World Championship Wrestling spot shows in Florida from 1989 – 1990..

The UWFi

  • August 1991: Gary Albright joined an organization called UWFi, which focused more on shoot style matches..
  • May 8, 1992: Gary Albright knocked out Nobuhiko Takada, UWFi’s biggest Japanese star at Yokohama Arena..
  • September 1992: Gary Albright lost his rematch with Nobuhiko Takada when he submitted to Takada’s cross arm breaker..
  • Gary Albright began to get pushed again in 1994 as part of UWFi’s “Best of the World” tournament..
  • ~~~Knocked out Billy Scott and Yoji Anjoh in the first two rounds to advance to a semifinal match with Nobuhiko Takada..
  • ~~~June 1994 – Budokan Hall: Gary Albright lost by submission to Nobuhiko Takada..
  • Gary Albright also feuded extensively with Big Van Vaderin UWFi..

The Death of Gary Albright

  • Friday January 7, 2000: Gary Albright dies tragically in the ring at a WXW Wrestling show in Hazelton, PA..
  • ~~~Gary Albright was wrestling Bill ‘Lucifer Grimm’ Owens at the American Legion for a WXW show..
  • ~~~World Xtreme Wrestling is promoted by Gary Albright’s father-in-law, Afa Anoai (Wild Samoan)..
  • ~~~Gary Albright was was nailed with an Ace Crusher (stunner) and immediately collapsed to the mat..
  • ~~~A Coroner stated, that Gary Albright (34) died of cardiac arrest due to an artery disease..

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Trained By




May 18, 1963 - January 7, 2000


Billings, Montana







Finishing Move(s)

Release Dragon Suplex

Favorite Move(s)

Belly to Belly Suplex,
Gut Wrench Suplex,
Double Arm Suplex,
German Suplex

Notable Feuds

The British Bulldogs,
Nobuhiko Takada,
Big Van Vader