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Gary Michael Cappetta


Career Highlights

  • Gary Michael Cappetta, at the age of 21, worked as an editor for “The Ring Wrestling” publication..
  • 1974: Gorilla Monsoon hired Gary Michael Cappetta to be the ring announcer for the World Wide Wrestling Federation..
  • ~~~~~~The gig was for Gorilla Monsoon’s booking territories of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware among others..
  • July 1976: Gary Michael Cappetta became the ring announcer for he WWWF’s primary Television show..
  • Gary Michael Cappetta left the WWF after 11 years following a dispute with Vince McMahon Jr..
  • GMC also did ring announcing for Pro Wrestling USA – a joint promotion in the Northeast by Verne Gagne & Jim Crockett..
  • GMC lasted only six months with Verne Gagne before taking up ring announcing duties for independent circuit promotions..
  • Gary Michael Cappetta was occasionally given work by both Verne Gagne’s AWA and Jim Crockett’s NWA promotions..
  • GMC rated AWA SuperClash III as the worst pay per view he ever worked on as a ring announcer..
  • GMC was offered regular work by Jim Crockett and was eventually offered a full time contract in September 1989 with WCW..
  • Gary Michael Cappetta remained with World Championship Wrestling until he retired in 1995, and was replaced by David Penzer..
  • Slamboree 1995 was Gary Michael Cappetta’s final appearance with World Championship Wrestling..
  • Gary Michael Cappetta credits Gorilla Monsoon for giving him his big break into wrestling..
  • 2003: Gary Michael Cappetta made his return to the world of wrestling as a backstage interviewer for ROH DVD releases..
  • September 6, 2003 – Ring of Honor: Gary Michael Cappetta hosts a Question/Answer session with Justin Credible..
  • Gary Michael Cappetta now teaches Spanish at Christian Brothers Academy in New Jersey..



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December 12, 1952


New Jersey




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