Gene LeBell

Title History


  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight title defeating Ed Francis (1956);
  • WWA (Los Angeles) World Junior Heavyweight title defeating “Count” Billy Varga (1958);
  • NWA North American Heavyweight title ();
  • NWA Texas Brass Knucks title ();
  • MWCW World Tag Team titles w/Hangman #2 (Roy Staggs) defeating Krusher Kowalski & Chico Garcia (November 1967);
  • Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles ();
  • Central States Mid-America title ();


Career Highlights


  • 1956: Gene LeBell defeated Ed Francis for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title
  • 1958 Gene LeBell defeated “Count” Billy Varga to win the WWA World Junior Heavyweight title..
  • March 24, 1960: Reports indicate that Gene LeBell defeated NWA Champion Pat O’Connor in Amarillo, Texas..
  • ~~~However, as LeBell began to celebrate, he swung the title belt and accidently struck a wrestling official..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This caused him to be disqualified and lose the match and the title..
  • September 18, 1964: Pat Patterson & The Hangman (Gene LeBell) defeated Pepper Martin & ????????..
  • Early 1967: The Hangman was joined by Hangman # 2 (Roy Staggs) and started wreaking havoc on tag teams in the mid-west..
  • ~~~The Hangmen, noted for rough tactics and using a noose as a weapon, were also masters of throws and submission holds!
  • November 1967: The Hangmen defeated Krusher Kowalski & Chico Garcia to win the MWCW World Tag Titles in Columbus..Hollywood:
  • Late 1960s: Gene LeBell left the wrestling business and concentrated on a Hollywood acting career..
  • Gene LeBell’s career in films, as a stuntman are legenday. He’s worked on more than 250 major films/TV shows!
  • Gene LeBell has appeared in such films as “Men In Black,” “The Castle,” “Nowhere to Run,” “Death Wish 4,” and others..
  • Gene LeBell has appeared on such TV shows as “Taxi,” “The X-Files,” “Married With Children” to “Knight Rider” many more
  • Gene LeBell has worked with such greats as Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Chuck Norris, Jan-Claude van Damme, & Bruce Lee
  • Gene LeBell had an alledged altercation with actor Steven Seagall on set, that lead to LeBell taking the action star down..
  • Gene LeBell was fired!Martial Arts:
  • Gene LeBell was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt in judo by the U.S. Ju-Jitsu Federation
  • Gene LeBell operated a martial arts training center in Los Angeles..
  • ~~~Trained many fighters who appear in UFC, Pride, and King of the Ring events, ex: Karo Parisyan, and Harout Tezyan..
  • Gene LeBell was the referee in the famous Wrestler vs Boxer match that pitted Muhammad Ali against Antonio Inoki..
  • 2005 – UFC 55: Gene LeBell was honored for his contributions to the sport of mixed martial arts!
  • Gene LeBell has truly lived up to the hype of “the World’s Toughest Guy”Retirement:
  • 2005: Gene LeBell was awarded the “Frank Gotch Award” at the Tragos/Thesz Wrestling Legends Hall of Fame induction ceremony..