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Gene Petit

Title History


  • NWA Central States Television title defeating Rufus R. Jones (June 25, 1981);
  • NWA Central States Television title defeating Dewey Robertson (February 18, 1982);
  • WCCW (World Class) Television title (as The Mongol) defeating Iceman Parsons (May 30, 1983);


Career Highlights


  • Gene Petit’s early professional experience was gained wrestling at county and state fairs throughout the South.
  • Gene Petit wrestled as “El Mongol” in the “Devastation Inc” faction in Mid-South/UWF out of Texas..
  • Gene Petit wrestled as “Gene Lewis” in a brothers tag team with Dale Lewis..
  • Gene Petit had a brief stint in the WWF as Hillbilly Jim’s “Cousin Luke” in the Hillbilly Family..
  • ~~~Hillbilly Luke mostly teamed with Hillbilly Jim at WWF non-televised events..
  • Gene Petit has competed throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia..
  • Gene Petit later returned, 50 pounds heavier, as one of the USWA Moondogs..
  • Gene Petit continued his violent ways in Southern indies as Bloody Ox Brody..
  • Gene Petit has made a few appearances with USA Pro out of NY..
  • Gene Petit appeared on TV in 1988 as Cousin Luke in the AWA on ESPN multiple times..



Social Media


Trained By

Dale Lewis




May 19


Hog Waller, Tennessee




Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds