Gene Stanlee

Title History

  • NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title defeating Pat O’Hara (September 24, 1951);
  • MWA Ohio Heavyweight title defeating Bill Miller (February 2, 1956);
  • WWA International Television Tag Team┬átitles w/Sandor Szabo (March 9, 1957);

Career Highlights

  • Gene Stanlee formed a great tag team with his real life brother Steve Stanlee..
  • ~~~Bob Merrill worked as a third brother, Bob Stanlee, but was not really related in real life..
  • November 18, 1952: Lou Thesz defeated Gene Stanlee in 15:14 to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title..
  • Gene Stanlee is a health nut, longtime vegetarian, still sells a line of supplements..
  • ~~~Gene describes himself as the ‘world’s foremost authority on age reversal through blood purification’.
  • ~~~ Gene Stanlee was one of the early pro wrestling Television legends from the 1950s..
  • Gene Stanlee was at the Cauliflower Ally Club 2002 reunion..
  • September 22, 2005: Gene “Mr. America” Stanlee passed away..