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Gory Guerrero

Title History

  • (Mexico) National Welterweight title defeating Jack O’Brien (April 20, 1945);
  • (Mexico) National Middleweight title defeating Bobby Bonales (September 25, 1945);
  • NWA World Middleweight title defeating Tarzan Lopez (February 23, 1946);
  • NWA World Welterweight title defeating Jack O’Brien (April 29, 1949);
  • NWA (Amarillo) Southwest Junior Heavyweight title defeating Cowboy Carlson (September 2, 1952);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/Cyclone Anaya win a tournament (December 1, 1952);
  • NWA Pacfic Northwest Tag Team titles w/Luigi Macera defeating Ivan Kameroff & Doug Donovan (July 25, 1955);
  • NWA World Light Heavyweight title defeating Rey Mendoza (July 30, 1960);
  • NWA World Light Heavyweight title defeating Ali Bey (September 24, 1963);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team titles w/Chavo Guerrero defeating Karl Von Brauner & Senior X (February 27, 1976);

Career Highlights

  • Gory Guerrero was born in Kearney, Arizona..
  • Gory Guerrero (age 14) moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he discovered Lucha Libre..
  • September 15, 1937: Gory Guerrero wrestled his first match for promoter Jim Hernandez, defeating Rafael Rojo..
  • 1946 and 1960: Gory Guerrero was given the “Luchador of the year” award.
  • Gory Guerrero is credited with the invention of “la de a caballo” (Camel Clutch)..
  • Gory Guerrero also created the “Gory Special” (which is a hanging backbreaker submission hold)..
  • Gory Guerrero taught some great luchadores like Pepe Mendieta and all his sons before leaving this world in 1990..
  • April 18, 1990: Gory Guerrero died in El Paso, Texas..
  • Website: http://www.highspots.com/arena/prof/goryguerrero.htm..

Social Media


Trained By

Raul Romero
Diablo Velasco


September 15, 1937


January 11, 1921


Ray, Arizona






210 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Gory Special

Favorite Move(s)

Camel Clutch

Notable Feuds

Black Shadow
Jack O Brien
Bobby Bonales
Dory Dixon
Tarzan Lopez
Cavernario Galindo
Bobby Bonales
Don Arnold
Brute Bemis
Henry Pilusso
Doug Donavan
Ivan Kameroff