Grave Digger

Title History

  • Memphis Wrestling tag team champion w/ Moondog Spot;
  • RCW tag team champion w/ the Henchmen;
  • TIWF hardcore champion;
  • New Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (NXWA) hardcore champion;

Career Highlights

  • Grave Digger wrestled for several promotions, including WWF (1998), Memphis Wrestling (2001-2003), EHCW (1999-2001), TNA (2002-2004), and Memphis Wrestling (2001-2004).
  • Grave Digger wrestled as “Moondog Scar” with Moondog Spot in Memphis.
  • Jimmy Hart managed Grave Digger when they were both part of Memphis Wrestling.
  • Grave Digger is currently wrestling with Rampage Championship Wrestling out of Illinois.