Guillotine LeGrande

Title History


  • NWA New York Tag Team titles w/Kamikaze Kid defeating Jeff Grant & Mr. Motion (June 12, 1999);
  • PWF (Premier Wrestling Federation) Television title won a Battle Royal (March 15, 2001);
  • PWF (Premier Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles w/Jack Victory defeating Draven & Mad Dog (February 24, 2002);


Career Highlights


  • Mid-2004: Guillotine LeGrande moved to Charlotte and begins popping up on wrestlings shows throughout the Carolinas..
  • August 21, 2004–Combat Fusion: Guillotine LeGrande defeated Darin Fate..
  • July 11, 2008–3KWrestling: Ricky Landell defeated Guillotine LeGrande in the Opening Round of the Shinya Hashimoto Tournament.. 
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