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Hart Family


Title History
WWF Heavyweight Title (Bret)
WWF IC Title (Bret,Owen,Davey)
WWF Tag Team Title (Bret/Jim,Owen/Davey)
WWF European Title (Owen,Davey)
WWF King of the Ring (Bret,Owen)
WWF Royal Rumble (Bret)

Stu Hart
Helen Hart
Hart Kids:

David Smith
Jim Neidhart
Martha Hart

3rd Generation:

Harry Smith
Nattie Neidhart
Teddy Hart

Career Highlights

  • The Hart Family lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada..
  • November 2001: Martha Hart sends a legal notice to the publishers of Diana Hart’s book..
  • ~~~Martha Hart is demanding the book be removed from circulation immediately or they would file a lawsuit..
  • May 30, 2002 – Smackdown! in Calgary: Stu, Bruce, Ellie, Jim Neidhart and several other Hart Family members are in attendance..
  • March 28, 2010–WrestleMania 26: Bret “Hitman” Hart defeated Vince McMahon in a No-Holds-Barred match by Submission..
  • ~~~Mr. McMahon paid off the Hart family to be Lumberjacks and paid Bruce Hart to be the referee and help him screw Bret again..
  • ~~~Bret said the Harts were stronger than ever and told him what Vince was trying to do so they made up a plan to screw Vince!
  • ~~~Bret said the Harts made sure they were paid in advance by McMahon, but they would be on the side of Bret “Hitman” Hart!
  • ~~~Bret beat the crap out of Vince for 12 minutes, and threw him out of the ring so the Hart family members could get their shots..
  • ~~The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart) led the assault on Vince McMahon outside of the ring..

    Mike Aldren wrote (May 2010): The former Hart family home is currently listed on the Calgary real estate market for $4.95 million, after being refurbished, with “The Dungeon” basement still intact. This news has surprised people close to the family as they were under the impression the basement had largely been dismantled. The mansion, located in the Patterson Heights neighbourhood of Calgary, was built in 1902 by businessman Edward Crandell. It was converted into the Soldiers’ Children’s Home for Orphans in 1920 and later sold to a lawmaker called Henry Stuart Patterson. Stu Hart purchased the mansion for $25,000 in 1951, where he raised his family and trained many professional wrestlers over the years. Famous Dungeon graduates include Superstar Billy Graham, Greg Valentine, Bad News Allen, Davey Boy Smith, Brian Pillman, Jushin Liger, Ricky Fuji, and Chris Benoit. The mansion was sold by Stu’s children to local businessman Dario Berloni for $1.5 million in 2004, a little over a year after Stu passed away. It was in need of extensive restoration and held high property taxes, which the family could not afford. Stu had also instructed in his will that his family not tear it down. Prior to the sale, there was talk of turning the mansion into a museum or bed and breakfast; however, this would have required zoning changes further diminishing the chances securing protected status. In June 2006, preservation plans were defused in a tied 7-7 city vote, leaving it susceptible to demolition. Later that year a revised plan was authorized for thirteen townhouses to be built around the mansion as well as its restoration. Construction was slated to begin in summer 2007, but those plans were never implemented. The mansion is now listed on property guides as 5,600-square-foot, on 2.17 acres of land, with twenty-two rooms, including six bedrooms with en-suites, two porches, a view of downtown Calgary, and a coach house behind the main house. Realtor Donna Rooney says the mansion has been fully renovated. “The amount of money that has gone into this and the love that’s gone into this renovation has been spectacular. Anybody that’s seen the house is just in awe,” she told the Calgary Herald. “It’s beautiful. There’s been a lot of imported tile and wood and the kitchen is totally divine. The house is gorgeous. It’s very much a grand property.” Ross Hart was also quoted in the Herald article as saying he hoped that developers wouldn’t purchase the mansion and build townhouses or condos on the land.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada





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Notable Feuds

Jerry Lawler,
Shawn Michaels,
Bob Backlund,
Stone Cold,
Vince McMahon