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Homer O’Dell

Wrestlers who Homer O’Dell has Managed:
Bronco Lubich
Aldo Bogni
David Novak
Jerry Novak Missouri Mauler
Hiro Matsuda
Rip Hawk
Swede Hanson
Rip Tyler
Randy Tyler
Kurt von Steiger
Karl von Steiger Butch Malone
Norvel Austin
Toru Tanaka
The Mongolians
Brute Bernard
Missouri Mauler
The Angel (Frank Morrell)

Title History

Career Highlights


  • Homer O’Dell managed Bronco Lubich & Aldo Bogni for a while and won the Southern Tag Team belts..
  • 1966: Bronco Lubich & Aldo Bogni w/Homer O’Dell lost the Tag Team titles to George Becker and Johnny Weaver..
  • ~~~Bronco Lubich & Aldo Bogni then left the territory for a short time..
  • ~~~When Bronco Lubich and Aldo Bogni returned George “Two-Ton” Harris was their manager..
  • ~~~Homer O’Dell returned as the manager of Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson to engage in a feud with Aldo Bogni & Bronco Lubich..
  • 1971: Homer O’Dell was demolished by Ray Gunkel in an Atlanta Main event.
  • 1973: Homer O’Dell managed Rip Hawk against Klondike Bill in a Semi-final match in Atlanta …
  • ~~~~Homer O’Dell tripped Klondike which caused Hawk to miss a dropkick. Klondike splashed Hawk to win.
  • Late 70s: Homer O’Dell returned to Georgia managing the team of The Mongols..
  • Homer O’Dell later managed the team of Bronco Lubich & Brute Bernard (after Skull Murphy passed away)..
  • Homer O’Dell also managed Bobby Shane, The Missouri Mauler & Hiro Matsuda during his career..
  • Homer O’Dell has passed away..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: Wrestlers Homer O’Dell Managed in Georgia: Paul Demarco, El Diablo, Buddy Colt, Karl Von Strohiem, Professor Kimura, Kubla Kahn.



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Notable Feuds

Bronco Lubich
Aldo Bogni
Paul Demarco
Joe Scarpa
Ray Gunkel
El Mongol
Buddy Fuller
Dick Steinborn
Leo Garibaldi
Robert Fuller
Ron Fuller
Jack Crawford
Brad Armstrong
The Funks