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Jack Armstrong

Title History

Career Highlights


  • Jack Armstrong was in the movie “The Wrestler” and also in the movie “GRUNT”.
  • 1971: Jack Armstrong wrestled in a 22-Man battle royal in Los Angeles and was reportedly thrown out by The Professional
  • 1973 – Georgia: Jack Armstrong wrestled for Ann Gunkel’s All-South Wrestling Association and teamed with Ox Baker.
  • 1973 – Georgia: Jack Armstrong feuded in the ASWA promotion with Rock Hunter..
  • 1973 – Georgia: Jack Armstrong lost his attempt to win The ASWA Brass Knuckles title from Rock Hunter..
  • ~~~Armstrong later defeated Rock Hunter later that week in a Texas Death Match when Hunter gave up..
  • NOTE: “Wildman” Jack Armstrong appears in an episode of NBC’s “Night Court” as an unnamed wrestler in the episode where bailiff Bull Shannon (Richard Moll) quits his job at the court and becomes a pro wrestler. Armstrong walks by Markie Post with blood all over his forehead and she gives him a look like she’s going to vomit.



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Rock Hunter