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Jack Crawford

Wrestlers who Jack Crawford Managed:
El Mongol
Oki Shikina
Dale Lewis
Seiji Sakaguchi
The Outlaw
El Lobo (Stan Vachon)
Butcher Oki Yama (Butcher Vachon)
Hans Schmidt
Tarzan Ryler
Norvell Austin
The Masked Marvel
Guillotine Gordon
Armand Hussian
Jack Evans
The Saint
Kublah Kahn
Bobby Cash
Karl Kovacs (Stan Kowalski)
Nikita Mulchavitch
Skandar Akbar

Title History


Career Highlights


  • “Dandy” Jack Crawford was a very well known manager in the Georgia territory as well as working in Nebraska..
  • “Dandy” Jack Crawford managed Tarzan Tyler in Nebraska and Karl Kovacs (Stan Kowalski) in Pittsburgh..
  • March 29 1968: Lou Thesz & Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres beat Jack Crawford & El Mongol & Hans Schmidt
  • ~~~This was a significant match because roping Dandy Jack Crawford into wrestling was no small feat..
  • 1973: Jack Crawford managed The Samoans (Tio and Reno) to the Florida Tag Team titles..
  • 1974: Dandy Jack brought the Samoans into Georgia from Florida and “sold” them to Gary Hart..



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Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Mr Wrestling
Bill Watts
El Mongol
Paul Demarco
Kubla Kahn
Hans Schmidt
Stan Pulaski
The Assassins
Eddie Graham
Mike Graham
Homer O'Dell