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Jack Daniels

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  • Wrestling Monthly January 1972 Article (“Preliminary Stars of the AWA, The Backbone of the Sport”): Jack “The Ripper” Daniels is the protege of Tiny Mills and The Big K, Stan Kowalski, who at one time were world tag team champions. Jack not only resembles his teachers physically, (stocky build, long hair, black tightrs and leotard ring gear) but also has a similar wreslting style. In the early 60’s Jack teamed with Tiny Mills for a wild campaign that still has the fans talking in the Missouri-Kansas area. A series of matches with the Medics for the Central States tag team championship drew quite a few huge crowds. Jack hit his all-time prime teaming with his other teacher, Big K, in Florida in 1967. Pulling an upset the two long-haired mat villains defeated the team of Johnny Weaver and Jim Becker to win the Southern tag team championship. Among other teams they faced while holding the title were Haystacks Calhoun and Eddie Graham, Jose Lothario and Wahoo McDaniel and Harry Smith and Alex Medina. At the present Jack “The Ripper” Daniels has been campaigning in the Midwest and hold victories over such men as Jim Vallen and Kenny Jay.



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Tiny Mills
Stan Kowalski







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The Medics