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James Fannin

Wrestlers who James Fannin Managed:
Ian Rotten
JProdigy (BDL)
Rollin’ Hard
“Mean” Mitch Page
Cash Flo
Mitch Ryder
The Barbarian
Adrian Serrano
Trent Baker
B.J. Whitmer
Chris Hero
Ace Steel
C.M. Punk
The Super Heroes
Danny Dominion
Matt Stryker
Axl Rotten
Jimmy Jacobs
Tracy Smothers
Chris Candido
The Fannin Family
J.C. Bailey
Eddie Kingston
Chandler McClure
Steve Stone
Bryce Benjamin
Mark Wolf
Danny Daniels
Brad Bradley
Ryan Boz
Necro Butcher
Mad Man Pondo
Toby Klein
The BMFers
Jason Lancaster
Jared Lancaster
Claudio Castagnoli
Nigel McGuiness
Ray Gordy
Bull Pain

Career Highlights

IWA – Mid South:

  • Debut at April Blood Showers 1998 as promoter/commissioner of IWA and was beaten up by Bull Pain inside a steel cage
  • -managed Ian Rotten to IWA heavyweight title twice (12/04/98 & 01/07/99) both vs. Corporal Robinson
  • -managed Rollin’ Hard to IWA heavyweight title (08/07/99) vs. Ian Rotten
  • -managed “Rugby Thug” Trent Baker to 2 IWA heavyweight titles (05/19/01 vs. Mean Mitch Page & 08/04/01 vs. Suicide Kid)
  • -managed Chris Hero to IWA Heavyweight title (10/20/01) vs. “Rugby Thug” Trent Baker
  • -managed Danny Daniels to IWA Heavyweight title (08/02/03) vs. Chris Hero
  • -managed BJ Whitmer to IWA Heavyweight title (04/09/04) vs. Jerry Lynn
  • -managed JProdigy (BDL) to IWA Light Heavyweight title (01/07/99) vs. Twiggy Rameriz & Suicide Kid
  • -managed BJ Whitmer to win the 2003 Revolution Strong Style Tournament
  • -managed Danny Daniels to win the 2003 Ted Petty Invitational
  • -managed The Barbarian vs. Jimmy Jacobs in the match where the Barbarian collected the bounty on the head of Jimmy Jacobs
  • -managing Chris Candido & Steve Stone vs. Ian Rotten & Dusty Rhodes & then vs. Ian Rotten & Terry Funk in Oct and Dec of 2004



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Trained By

Ian Rotten




November 8, 1976


Morris, Illinois





245 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Ian Rotten
Bull Pain
Jimmy Jacobs
Young IWA Guys