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James J. Dillon


Title History

  • ESA (Eastern Sports Association) North American Heavyweight title defeating The Beast (May 1973);
  • ESA (Eastern Sports Association) International Tag Team titles w/ Fred Sweetan defeating Bobby Kay and The Beast (September 1973);
  • NWA Western States Heavyweight title defeating Killer Karl Kox (September 19, 1974);
  • NWA Florida Television title defeating Mike Graham (May 1975);
  • NWA (Amarillo) International Heavyweight title defeating Ted DiBiase (January 1979);
  • NWA Central States Tag Team titles w/ Buzz Tyler defeating Terry Gibbs and Bob Sweetan (August 27, 1981);
  • NWA Florida Heavyweight title defeating Mr. Wrestling II (March 1982);
  • ESA (Eastern Sports Association) International Heavyweight title Billed as Champion (May 1984);

Career Highlights

Jim Dillon – World Class Wrestler:

  • Late 70s: J.J. Dillon spent some time working in Nova Scotia as the booker and top heel in the Cormier promotion.
  • 1975: Jim Dillon entered the Florida territory (CWF) and quickly captured the Florida Televison title.
  • June 22, 1980: Dory Funk Jr. and Andre The Giant and Brian Blair beat James J. Dillon and The Spoiler and Skandor Akbar in Tulsa, OK.
  • March 7, 1982: J.J. Dillan defeated Mr. Wrestling II for the Florida State Heavyweight title.

National Wrestling Alliance – The Four Horsemen:

  • JJ Dillon is best remembered as the manager of the IV Horsemen: Ric Flair, Old Anderson, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.
  • November 28, 1985 – Starrcade: JJ Dillon defeated “Outlaw” Ron Bass in a “Bull Rope” match.
  • July 4, 1987 – Great American Bash: The Super Powers defeated The Four Horsemen in a “War Games” Cage match!
  • April 22, 1988 – Crockett Cup: Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) defeated JJ Dillon in a “Bullrope” match.

World Wrestling Federation:

  • JJ Dillon was lured to the WWF by Vince McMahon and spent eight years as one of Vince’s top storyline writers.

World Championship Wrestling:

  • JJ Dillon took an office position with WCW and had an on-air roll as “Commissioner of WCW”.


  • February 12, 2003 – NWA^TNA: JJ Dillon made a surprise appearance, replacing Bob Armstrong as the “NWA Representative”.
  • ~~~JJ Dillon got into a semi-shoot confrontation with Vince Russo, who “went off the script” and acted unprofessional.
  • 2004: JJ Dillon made several appearances at Major League Wrestling events before the promotion folded.
  • January 29, 2005 – WrestleReunion: Jeff Jarrett w/ Baby Doll defeated Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon to retain the NWA title.
  • September 10, 2005 – Wrestle Reunion: Tully Blanchard (with J.J. Dillon) defeated Outlaw Ron Bass.
  • November 6, 2005 – Iron Ring Wrestling: Jeff Tankersly w/ Dustin Rhodes defeated David Flair w/ JJ Dillon to win the IRW title.
  • ~~~(As a result of that match) “Lonestar” Dustin Rhodes defeated J.J. Dillon in a “5 Minute Stipulation” match.
  • November 19, 2005 – Tribute to Starrcade: Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon beat Dusty Rhodes w/ Magnum TA with Jimmy Valiant as ref.
  • March 5, 2006 – Legends PPV: Dory Funk Jr. and Mike Graham w/ Bruno Sammartino beat Tully Blanchard and David Flair w/ JJ Dillon.
  • July 15, 2006 – Ring of Honor: JJ Dillon made a guest appearance for the Cage of Death – which is an updated version fo War Games..
  • August 11, 2007 – NWA Legends Show: Dustin Rhodes defeated Tully Blanchard (w/ Baby Doll and Joe Blanchard and J.J. Dillon).
  • February 26, 2010 – Pro Wrestling Mid Atlantic: Jim Duggan and Short Sleeve Sampson defeated Danny Waylon and Fatty McNasty.
  • ~~~”The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant was the guest referee and the legendary J.J. Dillon was Jim Duggan’s manager!



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Trained By


July 11, 1962 (New Jersey) December 6, 1968 (for The Sheik)


June 26, 1942


Born in Trenton, New Jersey




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Dick Murdoch (Texas)
The Road Warriors
Dusty Rhodes
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