JC Dykes

Wrestler Who JC Dykes Has Managed: The Infernos (Frankie Cain & Harry Smith)
The Infernos (Curtis Smith & Harry Smith)
The Champion (Tarzan Tyler) [Florida]
The Mighty Yankees (Curtis Smith & Don Greene)
The Super Inferno
Inferno X
The Zodiac (Bob Orton Sr.) [Georgia]
Super Inferno (Karl Karlson) [Florida]
Super Infernos (Doug Gilbert & Curtis Smith)
Infernos (Curtis Smith & Karl Von Brauner) [Cali]
Dominoes (Frank Hester & Pepe Lopez) [Tennessee]
Super Inferno #3 (Jack Dalton) [Georgia]

Career Highlights


  • J.C. Dykes unintentionally saved the life of wrestler Don Green..
  • ~~~Don Green would have been in the car with Pepe Lopez, Sam Bass and Frank Hester the night they were all killed..
  • ~~~But J.C. Dykes did not want to drive back to Nashville from Memphis alone and asked Don Green to ride with him..
  • J.C. Dykes retired to Cleveland, Tennessee and was a minister at the time of his death from a herat attack..
  • November 20, 1993: Clayton L. Dykes passed away….