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Joe Malenko

A Chain Of Tradition by Masanori Horie

Title History


  • AJPW World Junior Heavyweight title defeated Masanobu Fuchi (January 3, 1987);
  • AJPW World Junior Heavyweight title defeating Mitsuo Momota (April 20, 1989);


Career Highlights


  • Joe Malenko is the brother of Dean Malenko and they are both the sons of Boris Malenko..
  • Joe Malenko & Dean Malenko formed a tag team that wrestled in both the U.S. and Japan until Joe’s retirement..
  • Joe Malenko & Dean Malenko competed in All Japan Pro Wrestling from 1998 to 1992..
  • July 7, 1989 – Summer Action Series Tour: Joe Malenko & Dean Malenko defeated Tom Zenk & Jim Brunzell..
  • July 11, 1989 – AJPW: Joe Malenko defeated Dean Malenko by Submission to retain the AJPW Junior Heavyweight title..
  • September 30, 1990 – Giant Baba’s 30th Anniversary Show: The British Bulldogs defeated Joe & Dean Malenko..
  • September 4, 1991 – AJPW Tokyo: Joe & Dean Malenko defeated Mitsuharao Momota & Satoru Asako..
  • March 4, 1992 – AJPW Tokyo: The Can-Am Connection (Kroffat/Furnas) defeated Joe & Dean Malenko (All-Asian Tag Team Title)..
  • June 16, 1992–WCW Clash of the Champions: Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff defeated Joe Malenko & Dean Malenko..
  • August 1992–WWC 19th Anniversary Show: Steve Doll & Rex King beat Dean & Joe Malenko to retain the WWC Tag Team titles.
  • November 18, 1994–ECW Viking Hall: The Tazmaniac & Sabu defeated Dean Malenko & Joe Malenko..
  • February 1995–NJPW Sumo Hall: Dean Malenko & Joe Malenko defeated Tokimitsu Ishizawa & Yuji Nagata..
  • May 5, 1995–ECW House Show: Joe Malenko defeated Alex G by Submission in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida..
  • May 6, 1995–ECW House Show: Joe Malenko defeated Miguel San Juan in Tampa, Florida..
  • December 13, 1995–NJPW: Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Joe Malenko with a Dragon sleeper..
  • April 7, 1996–NJPW: Joe Malenko defeated Tokimitsu Ishizawa with a Butterfly Lock..
  • October 5, 1996–NJPW: Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Joe Malenko …..
  • Joe Malenko is a very successful pharmacist and consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, and gives corporate seminars..



Social Media


Trained By

Boris Malenko
Tony Charles




June 4, 1955


Tampa, Florida





235 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds