Joe Pazandak

Title History


Career Highlights


  • justahamandegger (by way of the KM Forum) wrote: Wally Karbo was Tony Stechers right hand man, I would say Joe Pazandak was Tony’s left hand. I think he was scout, trainer and enforcer for Stecher. He is said to have been one of Verne Gagne’s trainers. I think he trained most of Stecher’s recruits. Sometimes called “Professor” or “Sergeant” Pazandak. Very rarely put someone over cleanly, unless it was a top guy like Gagne, Nagurski or Nomellini. Mostly a heel. Did a little baby facing at the end of his career. Feuded with Wilbur Snyder on the west coast. Feuded with Gagne and many of the other baby faces in Minnesota. Had a running feud with Red Bastien.