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Joey Image

Title History


  • IHPW Dot Com title by winning an online fan poll on www.IHPW.com (June 2004);
  • IHPW Tag Team titles w/Erik Andretti defeating Jai Kronik & Damian Dragon (September 26, 2004);
  • WSW Cruiserweight title defeating Bai Long (August 2004); Lost it to Bai Long (June 2005);
  • EGW Hardcore title by winning a Battle Royal (July 25 2005); Quit the promotion, vacated title (September, 18 2005);
  • WSW Cruiserweight title defeating Bai Long (November 2005); Lost it to Johnny Toxic (February 2006);


Career Highlights


  • September 26, 2004: Joey Image & rik Andretti defeated Projekt-13 to win the IHPW Tag Team titles in Garfield, NJ..
  • September 10, 2005: Joey Image wrestled former WWF & ECW wrestler Justin Credible for the first time..
  • September 2005: Joey Image was hired by Steve Corino’s Pro Wrestling WORLD-1 as a commentator..
  • November 2005: Joey Image w/Erik Andretti wrestled WWF legend Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake..



Social Media


Trained By

CAMP IWF (New Jersey)


June 2000


June 2, 1977


Billed from Atlantic City, New Jersey
Lives in Little Ferry, New Jersey





195 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Boss Man Slam

Favorite Move(s)

Fisherman's Suplex
Somersault Senton
The Legdrop
Kawada "corne" Kicks
Technical Wrestling
Some Brawling

Notable Feuds

Justin Glory (WSW)
Ryan Lockhart (IWF)
Draven Blaze (EGW)
Bai-Long (WSW)
Peter Van Orton's stable
Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 (as commentator for Team PWF) vs. Steve Corino's Team W-1