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Joey Soprano

Wrestlers who Joey Soprano Managed:
Sheik Tank Ali
JL Fitsmorris
Carl XL Leduc
Scott O’Dell
Franky Vendetta
Santino Italiano
Francesco Soprano
Franky The Mobster
Kevin Steen
Alex Sanders
Fred Williams
Rough Rider
Son of Abdullah
Pierre-Carl Ouellet
Dru Onyx
Sexxxy Eddy

Career Highlights

FLQ (Fédération Lutte Québécoise): :

  • September 2002: Joey Soprano started his wrestling career in the FLQ as FLQ Vice President’s right hand man..
  • July 2003: Joey Soprano & Sexxxy Eddy defeated Candyman & Ice (Soprano becomes the new FLQ Commissionner)..
  • Joey Soprano managed six different singles champions including Massive Strike as tag team champions in FLQ..
  • For over two years Joey Soprano as feuded with his longtime nemesis Carl XL Leduc..
  • May 2005: Joey Soprano’s faction The Soprano Empire got all the FLQ championship belts in his camp..FCL (Fédération Canadienne de Lutte): :
  • November 2003: Joey Soprano debuted in the FCL..
  • February 2004 – FCL’s St-Valentin Royal: Joey Soprano was declared the new commissionner of FCL..
  • May 2004: Nikki French & Dave the Midget defeated Joey Soprano & The Ref in a tag match..
  • June 2004: Sheik Tank Ali turned on Joey Soprano and The Ref and gave them a violent beat down..NWA Quebec: :
  • July 2004: Joey Soprano made his debut by hosting Mercury Rising’s bikini contest..
  • September 2004: Joey Soprano was involved in a feud with Sunny War Cloud and brings in Nino Mancuso to take him out..
  • October 2004: Nino Mancuso turned on Joey Soprano by knocking him down after Soprano slapped Mancuso..
  • November 2004: Joey Soprano hired the Weapons of Mass Destruction to take out Sunny War Cloud and Nino Mancuso..
  • December 2004: Joey Soprano was humiliated by his own nephew Santino Italiano when Santino frog splashed his uncle..IWS (International Wrestling Syndicate):
  • May 28, 2005 – Scarred for Life: Joey Soprano debut as Tomassino’s offical manager…
  • ~~~Tomassino eliminated Player Uno, Shinjiro Hashinoku and Viking in a 4-way elimintation match with help from his manager..



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Trained By

Carl XL Leduc


September 2002


January 18, 1981


Montreal, Quebec, Canada





234 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Carl XL Leduc
Nino Mancuso
Sunny War Cloud
Sweet Cherrie