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John Heath

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  • John Heath was an amateur wrestling coach and a commentator for Eddie Graham’s Championship Wrestling from Florida
  • John Heath was also an under-card wrestler, and also performed as a referee and was the local promoter in Sarasota, Florida..
  • Late 1980s: John Heath did commentary for the Florida-based PWF along-side Diamond Dallas Page..
  • February 13, 2004: “Coach” John Heath has since passed away from cancer at the age of 80….

    Jay Ambler wrote: Outside of being the local Sarasota County promoter for Eddie Graham’s Championship Wrestling from Florida, Coach John Heath would often travel to smaller towns surrounding Sarasota and officiate as the announcer. He later hosted a Sunday afternoon wrestling program along with Diamond Dallas Page and Stan Rhoades.


Heath was an expert in amateur wrestling and when Eddie Graham knew a wrestler needed more training or fine tuning he would call Heath. The elder Heath was known to explain the history of a particular wrestling move and what other moves were developed from it.

Heath was an often perfect match to the dean of professional wrestling, Gordon Solie. Both brought intelligence and honesty to any situation.

Heath was often active in his local community especially when his children began to attend Cardinal Mooney High. He was known to implore the importance of wrestling to young teen boys as a means of physical development and balance.


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February 21, 1923





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