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John Paul Henning

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Career Highlights


  • 1960s: John Paul Henning was very popular in the St. Louis area before becoming an evangelist later in the decade..
  • John Paul Henning resurfaced as an evangelist several years ago and passed away shortly thereafter in 2001..
  • July 1, 2001: John Paul Hennig passed away at the age of 73..

    Crimson Mask (by way of the Kayfabe Memories Forums): John Paul Henning was from St. Pete and was a Navy frogman. He wrestled starting somewhere around ’53. Became one of the top babyface matinee-idol-type stars in the country, particularly St. Louis, by the early ’60s. Notable feuds with Rogers and JV. Seemed to disappear from the business in the mid-’60s and I have *heard* that the reason is he was in a fan riot and ran for the dressing room and locked the door leaving Sonny Myers outside and Sonny got stabbed pretty bad and nobody would work with JP after that, but I can’t swear to it. Reportedly became an evangelist at some point thereafter. Died a couple-three years ago.



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Around 1953


November 7, 1927


Originally: St. Petersburg, Florida
Relocated to St. Louis, Missouri





230 lbs

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Notable Feuds

Buddy Rogers
Johnny Valentine