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John Ringer

Title History

  • Arizona State Jr. Heavyweight title;
  • Arizona Heavyweight title;

Career Highlights

  • John Ringer used the name of “Macho Man” before Randy Savage.
  • John Ringer held the Arizona State Championship a number of different times from 1978 to 1986.
  • ~~~He traded the Arizone title back and forth with Billy Anderson, Benny Mendeblis and others.
  • John Ringer teamed briefly with Superstar Billy Graham in Phoenix as Graham prepared to return to the WWF in the early 1980s.
  • John Ringer was told to be the “brother” of Jack Ringer who had a successful Arizona run before him.
  • ~~~They shared a facial resemblance and similar styles; but they were not related and never actually met in person.
  • After his retirement in 1992, John Ringer dropped out of sight and there was even gossip he had died.
  • ~~~He re-emerged in Phoenix in 2003 when he showed up at an old-timer reunion.
  • ~~~He ended up working as a solar heating salesman with longtime rival, Jody Arnold.
  • August 23,2012 – John Ringer passed away with his daughter by his side.

    Anonymous wrote: Though retired, John Ringer is anything but finished with the business. He now resides in Glendale, Arizona and is one of the assisting trainers for Real Deal Pro Wrestling. A promotion run by “Mr. Wrestling” David Rose.



Social Media


Trained By





Jersey City, New Jersey




Finishing Move(s)

Reverse Neckbreaker

Favorite Move(s)

The Piledriver
Thumb to Throat
Nerve Claw

Notable Feuds

Benny Mendeblis
Nano Ortega
David Rose
Hollywood Brown
Tito Montez
Eli Hernandez
The Lumberjacks
Louie Spicolli
Billy Anderson
Ron "Section 8" Sutherland
Tony Hernandez
Lance Ferraro
Super Argo
Flama Negra
Nick Salinas
Bull Zambrano
Chuck Hondo
Cowboy Bob Yuma
Bestia 666
Danny Medina
CC Starr
Danny Snyder
Mean Joe
J.R. "Indio" Youngblood
Skeleton Man
Eddie Dean
El Estudiente
Navajo Frank
Mike Contreras
Mr Murder
Jody Arnold
Pedro El Grande
Eddie Lopez
Ed Blair