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Johnny Angel

Title History


  • NWA-N.W.F-U.W.F Arkansas Heavyweight title (3);


Career Highlights


  • Early 1980: Johnny Angel feuded with Danny Hodge in the Tri-State region..
  • Johnny Angel feuded with Wendi Richter in the N.W.F as he managed women in an attempt to take her belt..
  • Johnny Angel feuded with Sgt. Slaughter in the N.W.F..
  • 1986-87: Johnny Angel teamed With Bill Ash & Buddy Savage throughout the Midwest regions as “The Brat Pack.”
  • Managed N.W.F Heavyweight Champion D.C. “Mad Dog” Drake to a sell out crowd of thousands in Kalispell, Montana..
  • 1987: Johnny Angel battled NWA Alabama Champion to a 30-Minute draw in an Arkansas vs Alabama match in Lincoln, Alabama..
  • 1987: Johnny Angel feuded with Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics in the NWA..
  • July 30, 1988: Johnny Angel retired from the wrestling business..
  • 2002: Johnny Angel made a comeback for one night when he managed Nature Boy Buddy Landel in North Carolina..
  • Johnny Angel credits Bill Ash as his favorite tag team partner, and John Tolos and the late Ripper Collins as his mentors..
  • Johnny Angel is now a Born Again Christian and has a world wide ministry where he speaks to thousands all over the world..
  • ~~~He has appeared on Oprah, Geraldo, Montel, Jerry Springer, Rikki Lake, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy, and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club.Special thank you to Johnny Angel for getting in touch with us and helping with this profile!



Social Media


Trained By

Danny Hodge


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


June 18, 1959


Born in Martinez, California
Resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma





225 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Figure Four Leglock

Favorite Move(s)

Camel Clutch
The Neckbreaker

Notable Feuds

Buddy Savage
Bobby Fulton
Sgt. Slaughter
Wendi Richter
Danny Hodge
Johnny Apollo
Les Freeman
Oklahoma Outlaw