Johnny Kwango

Title History

Career Highlights


  • Johnny Kwango was a professional dancer with a travelling African Dance company before turning to wrestling..
  • Johnny Kwango was extremely popular in England and other European countries..

    Peter Sawyer wrote: Johnny Kwango was renowned for his athleticism in the ring- dropkicks, springboard crossbodies and his famous headbutt. He also used to put his hand on the opponents head and headbutt his own hand repeatedly to stun his opponent.


Neil Burchell wrote: Just a quick email to say like the site and it was good to see you mention Johnny Kwango. I was brought up watching British Wresting. I used to watch it live in Brighton at the Dome. Many a fun night with all the real wrestlers like Sid Cooper, Mighty John Quinn, Quick Kick Lee and a many more. It was great to see you mention Johnny Kwango as he was one of the best. Please keep the site running as this reminds me of my youth.