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Johnny Smith

Title History


  • Stampede British Commonwealth Mid Heavyweight title (4 Times)
  • AJPW All Asia Tag Team titles w/Dynamite Kid ();
  • AJPW All Asia Tag Team titles w/Wolf Hawkfield ();
  • AJPW World Tag Team titles w/Taiyo Kea ();


Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • August 7, 1965: John Hindley is the nephew of Ted Betley and was born in Warrington, England..


Getting into the Business (Stampede Wrestling):

  • January 1982: John Hindley debuted as a professional wrestler when he was only 16 years old..
  • 1985: John Hinley moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada from England to work for Stampede Wrestling..
  • John Hinley was originally billed as Davey Boy Smith’s brother, “Johnny Smith”..
  • June-August 1987: Johnny Smith’s first Japan tour was with New Japan Pro Wrestling..All Japan Pro Wrestling:
  • February 1989: Johnny Smith followed Dynamite Kid and started to wrestle for All Japan Pro Wrestling..
  • Johnny Smith & The Dynamite Kid formed The British Bruisers and worked mainly Stampede & All Japan ..All Japan Pro Wrestling:
  • October 27, 2002 – AJPW: Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda & Johnny Smith beat Yoji Anjoh & Mitsuya Nagai & Ryuji Hijikata..
  • April 10, 2003: Johnny Smith collapsed prior to his wrestling match at an All Japan Pro Wrestling show..
  • ~~~Paramedics were called to the Hiroshima Arena and Johny Smith was rushed to a local hospital..
  • ~~~Smith had lost feeling in some parts of his body but they were able to stablize his condition ..
  • ~~~The Japanese media was quick to suggest the collapse was related to the abuse of pain-killers..
  • ~~~~~Keiji Muto attempted to downplay the story in the Japanese media but with very little luck..Retirement:
  • Johnny Smith is now retired and works as a cop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada..

    Tamalie (via the WCMB) wrote: Here’s an amusing and nice story about Johnny. He had a ring jacket with his first name spelled incorrectly. The deal was that a Japanese fan had made him the ring jacket and was so nice and generous that Johnny didn’t have the heart to point the mistake (Jhonny) and wore the jacket for years in All Japan and during his brief ECW stint.



Social Media


Trained By


January 1982


August 7, 1965


Originally: Warrington, England
Moved to Calgary, Alberta



180 cm


112 kg

Finishing Move(s)

Death Valley Bomb
British Bomb (Sitdown Crucifix Powerbomb)

Favorite Move(s)

European Uppercut
Diving Front Dropkick
Hammerlock Piledriver
German Suplex
Johnny's Magic (Armbreaker DDT)

Notable Feuds

Chris Benoit
Davey Boy Smith
Dynamite Kid