Johnny Wiseguy

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 2002-03: Johnny Wise Guy worked several tours for Real Action Wrestling in the Maritimes (Nova Scotia) with a valet named Rachel..
  • 2002: Johnny Wise Guy treated Rachel very poorly until Duke MacIsaac rescued her and she became MacIsaac’s valet..
  • 2002: Johnny Wise Guy recruited Sweet Sarah for a series of mixed tag match against Duke MacIsaac & Rachel Bulman..
  • Late 2003: John Dacamara (aka Johnny Wiseguy) was convicted on charges of cocaine trafficing and will serve thirty months in jail..
  • ~~~In his defense, John Dacamara stated that he was short changed on his final pay cheque from Real Action Wrestling last summer..
  • ~~~John Dacamara returned home to find his utilities cut off and forced to sell narcotics to get financial stable once again..