Ken Medlin

Title History


  • Australian Light Heavyweight title defeating Alan Pinfold (November 1, 1974);
  • Australian Light Heavyweight title defeating Mike Dallas (March 26, 1977);


Career Highlights


  • 1970s: Ken Medlin wrestled for the Australian promotion known as World Championship Wrestling..
  • Kenny Medlin once participated in a Battle Royal where it came down to just he and Andre The Giant..
  • ~~~Andre The Giant decided he’d be happy to split the prize money with Kenny Medlin (who was about the size of Spike Dudley)..
  • 1974: Allan Pinfold defeated Ken Medlin in the finals of a Tournament to crown a WCW Light Heavyweight champions..
  • 1976: Ron Miller & Larry O’Dea (WCW promoters) revived the Light Heavyweight title and awarded it to Ken Medlin..