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Ken Yates

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  • Kenny Yates started his career as a boxer at the age of 11 and was a Golden Gloves by the time he was 16..
  • Early 1990s: Kenny Yates had two sons who wrestled Minnesota independent circuit, Shotgun and Rowdy Yates…

    Wrestling Monthly January 1972 Article (“Preliminary Stars of the AWA, The Backbone of the Sport”): K.O. Kenny Yates Not too many fans relize it, but Kenny Yates, who does most of his wrestling in the midwest rings, was once a topnotch boxer. Kenny started his career as a boxer at the age of 11, boxing at a boy’s club. By the time he turned 16 he was a star in Golden Gloves competition. Fighting as a middleweight, he never lost a bout, He turned pro at the age of 17 and was extremely successsful, including a victory over Willie Pastrano, who was at one time world light heavyweight champion. After a young boxer by the name of Bobby Leonard died following a match with Kenny, he decided to give up boxing. But Kenny couldn’t stay away from the ring, and soon started a career as a professional wrestler. Starting his career around Charlotte, No. Carolina, he gained valuable experience wrestling against such tojp stars as George Becker, Abe Jacobs and George and Sandy Scott. Kenny later on brought his color wrestling style to both east and west Texas, and the rich wrestling area of Georgia. For the last few years he has been mainly campaigning out of the Twin Cites, St. Paul and Minneapolis. In addition to his busy wreslting chores, Kenny keeps in shape by doing construction work. Always a daredevil, Kenny is helping to build the new IDS building in downtown Minneapolis, which when completed will be the tallest structure in the skyline of the Mill City.



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