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Kendo Nagasaki (2)

Article: A Column About British Wrestling

Title History


  • All Star Promotions World Heavyweight title defeating Wayne Bridges (September 17, 1987);
  • Joint Promotions British Heavyweight title defeating Tony St. Clair (April ??, 1988):


Career Highlights


  • Kendo Nagasaki was one of the biggest draws of all time in British Wrestling, especially in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s period..



  • November 1964: Kendo Nagasaki’s first professional contest against “Jumping” Jim Hussey at Willenhall Baths..
  • March 1966: Kendo Nagasaki defeated and unmasked Count Bartelli at the Victoria Hall, Hanley..
  • July 1971: Sensational TV contest with Billy Howes, the mask comes off in the heat of the battle causing confusion all around..
  • December 1971: Kendo Nagasaki appeared for the first time with manager George Gillett at Dumfries..
  • 1972: Kendo Nagasaki toured Canada and North America working for Stu Hart..
  • December 1975: Kendo Nagasaki was unmasked on television by Big Daddy..
  • November 1977: Kendo Nagasaki plays the role of Death Angel in Brian Glover’s TV play “The Wild Bunch” for Granada Television..
  • Deceember 1977: Ceremonial unmasking ceremony at the Civic Hall Wolverhampton..
  • April 1978: Kendo Nagasaki appears as an unmasked wrestler for the first time in a contest at Croydon against Bronco Wells..
  • September 1978: Kendo Nagasaki retires on doctors orders from the ring and begins a new career in rock management..
  • March 1979: Kendo Nagasaki appears as guest on Big Daddy’s This Is Your Life..
  • 1981-82 Kendo Nagasaki does a few appearances for Brian Dixon..
  • December 1986: Kendo Nagasaki makes a return to the ring at the London Hippodrome in a ladder match with Clive Myers..
  • September 1987: Kendo Nagasaki defeated Wayne Bridges at Bradford to become the WWA World Heavyweight Champion..
  • 1990: George Gillett dies and Lloyd Ryan officially becomes Kendo Nagasaki ‘s new manager..
  • October 1991: Kendo Nagasaki is robbed of the CWA World crown by Giant Haystacks..
  • ~~The giant deliberately pulls off the mask forcing Kendo to abandon the match..
  • January 1992: BBC2 acclaimed Masters Of The Canvas documentary on Peter Blake’s desire to paint Kendo’s portrait..
  • 1993: Kendo Nagasaki retires once more to concentrate on his role in commerce..
  • 1998: Kendo appears on the Granada documentary “Everything Stopped At 4 O’Clock” and in Paul Yates video “Images of Nagasaki”..
  • May 2000: Kendo Nagasaki accepts the Wrestler Of The Millennium trophy at Croydon, Hanley and Bristol..
  • March 2001: Kendo Nagasaki partners Vic Powers to victory in a charity tag ladder match against James Mason & Darren Walsh..
  • 2002: Kendo Nagasaki works on his autobiography..
  • November 2003: British legend Kendo Nagasaki is currently looking for a young wrestler to pass his ‘powers’ on to..June 2007. This year marked a historic year for LDN and Kendo Nagasaki. For LDN Capital Wrestling, the signing of British legend Kendo Nagasaki was a historic event as LDN return British Wrestling to its roots. For Kendo Nagasaki, after years away from the Wrestling scene, it meant his return to British wrestling.

    For more info about this huge event in British Wrestling and the return of several other legends as well as a new breed of British wrestlers, check out LDN’s website. http://www.ldnwrestling.com/



Social Media


Trained By


November 1964


October 19


Stoke on Trent, UK





15 - 18 stones

Finishing Move(s)

Kamakazie Crash

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds