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Ky Stud

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 08-05 Defeated “The Thug” Barbourville Ky
  • 08-05 Defeated Classy Kyle Kincaid Barbourvile Ky
  • 08-05 Defeated The Thug and Classy Kyle in a 3 way Dance
  • 09-05 Defeated in a Tag Match by Country Cuzzin Jimbo and Country Cousin Jeffro Cynchtia Ky PTW Championship Wrestling
  • 01-06 Defeated Cujo By DQ in Lawrenceburg Ky SRW
  • 01-06 Defeated By Average White Guy in Lawrenceburg Ky SRW
  • 02-06 Lost to Average White Guy in Alton Ky SRW
  • 03-06 Defeated in a tag match with Sheik Afershock Lost to the Country Cuzzins Jimbo and Jed USWF
  • 04-06 Tag title match with Partner Hillbilly Tim were defeated by the Lighting Express ASWA
  • 05-06 Defeated by the Lighting Express in a Tag Match due to interfrence from Maxx Profitt
  • 06-06-12-06 Out due to shoulder Injury suffered at the hands of the Lighting Express
  • 1-27-2007 Ky Stud Defeated by Southern Outlaw ASWA London Ky Armory In a time of 11 min 30 secs.
  • ~~~Show was headlined by TNA Star Wildcat Chris Harris. Crowd of 200 fans in attendance..
  • 2-24-07 ASWA London Armory London Ky. The Ky Stud turned heel and became personal Bodyguard to Mr. Maxx Profitt..
  • ~~~The Ky Stud knocked out ASWA Commish Slaughter with a Unknown Subtance on a Bandanna..
  • Awa Supreme Madsion Indiana 4-21-07 — Ky Stud Defeated by Country Cuzzin Jimbo in a time of 12 mins.
  • 5-26-07 AWA Supreme Klassy Studs Ky Stud and Klassy Kyle Kincaid Mgred by Michael J Correnete Were defeated by Country Cuzzin Jimbo and Aftershock in a Time of 18 mins.
  • 12-07 Ky stud defeats Hilbilly Tim OWA in a time of 15 mins
  • 1-08 Ky Stud Is defeated by Country Cuzzin Jimbo SCW in a time of 18 mins
  • 1-08 Ky Stud And Klassy Kyle Defeat Country Cuzzin Jimbo and Michael J Cornette OWA in a time of 32 mins
  • 2-08 Ky Stud Deafeats Klassy Kyle in a Dead Daddy Match EICW in a Time of 17 mins
  • 2-08 Ky Stud is defeated by Aftershock ASWA in a time of 12 mins
  • 3-08 Ky Stud is out due to Severe Knee Injury siffered at the Hands of Country Cuzzin Jimbo and Michael J Cornette
  • 4-08 Ky Stud involved in a 20 man over the top Battle royal for KCW “TNA Superstar Abyss was in the main Event”
  • 5-08 Ky Stud returns to OWA and Defeats Sicko the Clown in a time of 11 mins
  • 5-08 Ky Stud is defeated by Aftershock MWA in a time of 9 mins
  • 5-8 Ky Stud is involved in a Over the Top rope Battle Royal for MWA
  • 5-10 Ky Stud Defeated by Aftershock MWA in a time of 12 mins
  • 31-08 Ky stud defeated Ruff Tuff Jimmy Clough MWA in a time of 15 mins
  • 8-24-08 Ky Stud Defeated Terry Alan By DQ in Richmond Ky for ACW in a time of 35 mins
  • Ky Stud was defeated by Classy Kyle Kincaid In Paris Ky in a time of 12 mins KCW Paris Ky Crowd of 350.
  • 10-4th harrodsburg Ky ACW National Guard Armory Ky Stud “MR M&M” Defeated Klassy Kyle Kincaid in 18 mins Crowd of 175
  • 10-11th Dalton Ga Ky Stud wins Ga State Title over Masked Superstar III In a time of 15 mins Crowd of 275 at the Dalton Jr High
  • Feb 28th UCW Wrestling Danville Ky Ky Stud and Jack Daniels defeated by Dangerous Doug Vines and Steve Marino in a time of 12 mins Crowd of 175
  • Feb 21st TVW Wrestling Lawrenceburg Ky Ky Stud and Sebastain Star Fire defeated by the Rising Stars Jarrod Slone and Kevin Starr In a time of 17 mins Crowd of 75
  • April 4th UCW Wrestling Ky Stud Defeated by Ruff Tuff Jimmy Clough in a time of 17 mins in Montcellio ky crowd of 250
  • April 12th Ga State Wrestling Ringgold Ga Ky Stud defeated by Masked Superstar 3 For the Ga Heavyweight Title Crowd of 175
  • April 26th Lawrenceburg Ky Ky Studd and Ruff Tuff Jimmy Clough defeated Strong Style Mike Strong and Mike Strife Crowd of 100
  • May 10th Ky Stud Defeated by Kevin Starr In lawrenceburg KY TVW Wrestling in a time of 12 mins Crowd of 75
  • May 10th Ky Stud,Maxx Sleed,Jimmy Clough,Cody Matthews,Tito were defeated by the Team of Rugged Randy,Kevin Starr,Jarrod Slone,Cade,Murdoch TVW Wrestling in the time of 18 mins
  • 6-13-09 TVW Wrestling Glensboro Ky Ky Stud,Iron Man Cody Matthews,Strong Style Mike Strong were Defeated by Kevin Starr,Rising Star Jarrod Slone and Rosie from the WWE in a time of 26 Mins Crowd of 175
  • 6-13-09 Ky Stud defeats Kay Mcoy in a time of 3 mins. Ky Stud suspended from TVW for 60 days due to Actions after the bell. TVW wrestling Gelensboro Ky Crowd of 175
  • 6-7-09 Ky Stud and Iron Man Cody Matthews battled Bob Murdoch and Kay Mcoy to a Count out Glensboro Ky TVW Wrestling Crowd of 75



Social Media


Trained By

Shiek Aftershock


August 2005


May 3, 1968


Lexington, Kentucky





290 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Top Rope Suplex
Figure 4 Leglock

Favorite Move(s)

The Clothesline

Notable Feuds

Classy Kyle Kincaid
Lighting Express
Country Cuzzin Jimbo