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Lance Von Erich

Title History

  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles -as Ricky Vaughn- w/Billy Jack Haynes defeating Nagasaki & Maharishi (May 11, 1985);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title -as Ricky Vaughn- defeating Mike Miller [Tournament] (August 3, 1985);
  • WCWA (World Class) Television title defeating Buddy Roberts (March 24, 1986);
  • WCWA (World Class) World Six Man Tag Team titles w/Kevin & Kerry Von Erich defeating The Freebirds (May 4, 1986);
  • WCWA (World Class) World Tag Team titles w/Dingo Warrior defeating Master Gee & Matt Borne (November 17, 1986);

Career Highlights

  • Lance was the son of Fritz von Erich’s former tag team partner, Waldo von Erich..
  • ~~~Neither Waldo or Lance were legitimately related to the von Erichs..
  • Lance was brought in as the “long lost cousin” of the von Erich brothers..
  • October 1985: Lance was brought in at the Cotton Bowl show..
  • ~~~His “cousins” Kerry and Kevin shaved Gino Hernandez and Chris adams bald..
  • Lance jumped ship to Wild West Wrestling without Fritz’s blessing..
  • ~~~Fritz went on TV exposing that Lance was not a legitimate von Erich..
  • Ricky wrestled in Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council wrestling guys like Abdullah the Butcher..
  • Ricky married a rich woman in South Africa..



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