Leo Wallick

Title History


Career Highlights

  • Leo Wallick is the brother of Chet Wallick..
  • 1949: Leo Wallick worked for Stu Hart’s Klondike Wrestling..

    Michael Norris wrote: It’s actually Leo Wallick. brother of Chet Wallick. Leo worked all over from the 40s to late 50s. Believe he held some version of the World Light Heavyweight title.


Dick Steinborn wrote: When I was working in Chicago, I went in the ring with Chet Wallick.Then when I was in NC, I worked with his brother, Leo Wallick. A sad story occurred while living in Charlotte at the Morningside Trailer Park. Leo discovered he had lukemia. He took his 4 year old daughter and disappeared for 5 days. Everyone was upset. He then returned and left the terrritory.