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Lofty Blomfield

Lofty needs a new POSE! Ha ha!

Title History

  • New Zealand Amature title (1931);
  • New Zealand Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Australasian title;
  • British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight title;


Career Highlights

  • 1931: Lofty Blomfield became the first New Zealand Amateur Heavyweight Wrestling Champion..
  • 1932: Lofty Blomfield turned pro and worked in Australia, where he changed his name to Walter Browning of Canada..
  • ~~~He changed back to his real name & returned to New Zealand for a short time before again going back to Australia..
  • ~~~He eventually went home to New Zealand & wrestled there for over 30 years, from there he made 5 visits to America..
  • 1935: Lofty Blomfield wrestled British Empire Heavyweight Champion Earl McCready to a draw..
  • 1936: Lofty Blomfield invented his famous trademark ‘the Octopus Clamp’ submission hold..
  • 1937: Lofty Blomfield won the Pacific Coast title from Joe Malcewiecz & lost it to Jumpin’ Joe Savoldi..
  • March 18, 1938 – Vancouver: Lofty Blomfield became the first New Zealander to challenge for the NWA World Title..
  • ~~~Lofty Blomfield and NWA World Champion Bronko Nagurski wrestled to a time limit draw..
  • ~~~Lofty Blomfield had the Octopus Clamp applied in the closing moments of the match as time ran out..
  • October 1938: Lofty Blomfield won a tournament to become the Undisputed New Zealand Heavyweight Champion..
  • June 7, 1940: Lofty Blomfield captured the British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight Title in Wellington, New Zealand..
  • Lofty Blomfield served in World War II, reaching the rank of Seargent Major and then returned to wrestling..
  • 1949: Shortly after returning to New Zealand from his last US tour he had his final match against Eric Holmbeck..
  • 1949: Lofty Blomfield retired at age 41 while still holding the New Zealand Heavyweight Championionship..
  • Lofty Blomfield wrestled an estimated 1200 matches between 1939 to 1949 in NZ, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Canada and the US..
  • Lofty Blomfield was involved in many charity fundraisers throughout New Zealand..
  • 1971: Lofty Blomfield died at the age of 62..

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July 10, 1908


Wellington, New Zealand




Finishing Move(s)

The Octopus Clamp

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