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Lord Humongous (2)


Title History


  • AWA Southern title (Mike Stark);
  • NWA Alabama title (Jeff Van Camp);
  • NWA Continental title (Jeff Van Camp);
  • NWA Southeastern title (Sid Vicious):
  • Continental Tag Team titles w/Shane Douglas (Sid Vicious);
  • USWA Texas title (Randy Lewis);
  • PWI Southern title (Gary Nations);


Career Highlights


  • The “Lord Humongous” gimmick was taken from the movie “Mad Max II: The Roadwarrior” released in 1982..
  • 1984: Jimmy Hart brought in Lord Humongous (Mike Stark) as a heel opponent for Jerry Lawler, who was dominating Memphis..
  • 1984: The next Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp) wrestled in Bruiser’s WWA, and later showed up in Ron Fuller’s Alabama territory..
  • ~~~Jeff Van Camp ended up in Bill Watts’ Mid-South managed by Oliver Humperdink for his most famous feud with Jake Roberts..
  • 1987: Another Lord Humongous (Sid Vicious) showed up back in Memphis with a few slight changes to the image, such as black hair..
  • 1990s: Gary Nations, Barry Buchanan, Randy Lewis & Emory Hale would all use the “Lord Humongous” gimmick in the indy circuit..
  • June 10, 2006–Southern Championship Wrestling: Lord Humongous (???) defeated Doink the Clown and Will Owens in a 3-WAY…
  • Summer 2006: Gary Nations resurfaced in Memphis reprising the old Lord Humongous gimmick working along side Jerry Lawler..
  • October 6, 2007–Juggalo Championshit Wrestling: Corporal Robinson defeated Tracy Smothers w/Lord Humongous..
  • ~~~Lord Humongous was Sid Vicious in overalls and Jason mask – He unmasked and choke slammed Corporal Robinson!



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Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Jerry Lawler (Stark)
Austin Idol (Camp)
Bob Armstrong (Camp)
Jake Roberts (Camp)