Lord Zoltan

Title History


Career Highlights

  • Ken Jugan started in wrestling as a ringside photographer and running a fanclub for Luis Martinez..
  • 1970s: Ken Jugan promoted shows for a promotion named Three Rivers Wrestling..
  • 1980s: Ken Jugan wrestled as enhancement talent in the World Wrestling Federation using the name “Ken Jugan”..
  • ~May 14, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: Tito Santana defeated Ken Jugan..
  • ~May 21, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: Salvatore Bellomo defeated Ken Jugan..
  • ~June 18, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: The Invaders defeated Billy Berger & Ken Jugan..
  • ~July 9, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: Andre the Giant defeated Angelo Gomez & Ken Jugan in a Handicap Match..
  • ~July 16, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: Tony Garea defeated Ken Jugan..
  • ~August 6, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: The Invaders defeated Bill Dixon & Ken Jugan..
  • ~September 10, 1983 In Allentown Pennsylvania: The Wild Samoans & Samula defeated Swede Hansen & Tony Garea & Ken Jugan
  • ~February 11, 1984 In Allentown Pennsylvania: Eddie Gilbert & B. Brian Blair defeated Bill Dixon & Ken Jugan..
  • ~February 18, 1984 In Allentown Pennsylvania: The Iron Sheik defeated Ken Jugan..
  • ~March 3, 1984 In Allentown Pennsylvania: Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee defeated Steve Lombardi & Ken Jugan..
  • Lord Zoltan was part of a tag team called The Funkadelix with the Incredible Bulk (Jim Hamilton-that’s right, BULK not HULK)..
  • November 4, 2005–Far North Wrestling: The Gambino Brothers defeated Lord Zoltan & Kris Krude..
  • March 24, 2007–International Wrestling Cartel: The Legend Bruno Sammartino was given the key to the city of Franklin..
  • ~~~Dominic Denucci w/Bruno Sammartino defeated Larry Zbyszko w/Lord Zoltan (Zoltan inadvertently hit Larry Zbyszko)..
  • June 1, 2007–Championship Wrestling Federation: Thunder & Brett Paradise defeated Nick Crane & Lord Zoltan..
  • August 5, 2007–Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling: Doink The Clown (??) defeated Lord Zoltan in Cleveland, Ohio .