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Lu Leota II

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Career Highlights

  • Early 1970s: Leota Lu II was a well known professional wrestler in New Zealand, Australia and Asia..
  • September 20, 1977: Lu Leota defeated John Garcia..
  • Early 1980s: Leota Lu II quit professional wrestling to enter the world of politics in SamoaAccording to Samoan Custom Leota which his family name would come before his given name of Lu, in English his name would be written Lu Leota however in the Samoan way it is proper to say Afioga Leota Lu. * Another former HRPP MP, Leota Lu II also lost his seat following the recount after he had initially won the seat in the provisional count. Leota was a Minister of Sport in the HRPP government during 1996-2001 and was first elected in 1991. * Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture …….. Leota Lu II * Leota Lu II is now a veteran Member of Parliament in Samoa. He has been selected as the personality of the week however for his contribution to inspiring the young Samoan wrestlers and sportsmen to move into the professional stage. Leota Lu II was a well known professional wrestler in New Zealand, Australia and Asia in the early 1970s whilst the use of the word professional sports person was not popular. Some have even referred to Leota as the original “Rock”. The question that has been often asked is where would Leota Lu be if he was to peak in his wrestling career in the 1990s. Some say, if that was case Leota Lu would be somewhere in the USA earning top money. * Afioga Leota Lu II when asked about his professional sports achievements is very modest. As a senior member of the HRPP party he is now very reserved but has still the bubbly personality that makes him a popular man around the kava bowls of Apia. Leota Lu II may have been the first professional wrestler in world to switch to politics in the early 1980s .Jesse “The Ventura” only made the move into politics in the USA in the mid-1990s * Vacations Beach Fale is a family owned business located in the village of Manase on the big island of Savaii. Owned by Samoan member of parliament, Leota Lu II, and managed by his wife Elaine, Vacations Beach Fale has been one of the big islands’ best kept secrets since it began operating in 2001.

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