Magic Dragon

Title History

  • All Asian Tag Team titles w/Great Kabuki ();

Career Highlights

  • Early 80s: The Magic Dragon formed a tag team with the Great Kabuki in World Class and Mid-Atlantic..
  • ~~~They were managed by Gary Hart and feuded with Kevin & David von Erich over the All Asian Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Magic Dragon would put his opponents head in a leg scissors and then would roll his victim over and over until they passed out..
  • ~~~~~~World Class Announcer Bill Mercer referred to this move as “The Rolling Sleeper”.
  • The Magic Dragon was defeated by King Kong Bundy in one of his last appearances for World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • November 28, 1987: Haru Sonoda (Magic Dragon) passed away in a plane crash along with his wife at the age of 31.