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Magyar Hercules

Title History


  • Michigan Junior Heavyweight title defeating ????? (April ??, 1950);
  • Michigan Junior Heavyweight title defeating Jan Gotch (January 8, 1951);


Career Highlights


  • Bert Ruby was active from about 1933 to 1953 in New York but primairly in the Detroit and the Midwest..
  • Bert Ruby wrestled barefoot and he was known as the “Magyar Hercules” and “the man with the educated toes”..
  • Bert Ruby was well known as a match maker (booker) after he retired from wrestling..
  • Bert Ruby also was known as an excellent trainer of such great wrestlers as Killer Kowalski & George Steele..
  • Bert Ruby was good friends with Lou Klein, Martino Angelo, and Buddy Rogers as well as Larry Chene..
  • ~~~Larry Chene wrestled for Bert, as did Ricky Cortez, Crybaby McArthur, Edward Farhat, Ivan Kalmikoff, & Dick Garza..
  • Bert Ruby is rumored to have discovered and trained Ed Farhat (The Sheik) and was very influencial in his early career..
  • Bert Ruby will be unducted into the Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in November of 2006.
  • Bert Ruby was married with two sons, Allen and Rob Ruby..



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Detroit, Michigan




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