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Matti Susuki

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Robert Louis Howell wrote: In 1971, Suzuki formed a good team with Tommy Siegler in the Mid Atlantic. Siegler and Suzuki lost a close match on Raleigh TV to Rock Hunter and Pampero Firpo. Suzuki and Siegler lost an extremley rough match to Brute Bernard and the Missouri Mauler (Also on Raleigh TV). Susuki Lost a TV Match to Rock Hunter. Suzuki wrestled a scientific match on TV with Johnny Weaver and their legs became hopelessly entangled. Art Nelson came in to help the ref and broke it up by kicking Weaver in the head. Suzuki pinned Weaver but gave back the victory and it was called a draw. Suzuki and Johnny Hiedman wrestled Jerry Brisco in a handicap TV match. Brisco won over Suzuki in a very good scientific 1st fall Hiedman came in immediately and was figure foured in 2 minutes. The idea was a an amateur type training match where one wrestles one foe then another with no rest period. This turned the tide for Brisco in the Mid Atlantic making him a top name… Then in 1972, Suzuki wrestled Weaver again on Raleigh TV and used salt in the eyes to win. He then formed a rough team with rock hunter replacing Firpo. The went after Jack and Jerry Brisco first



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Notable Feuds

Brute Bernard
Missouri Mauler
Pampero Firpo
Johnny Weaver
The Brisco Brothers