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Melissa Coates


Title History

  • BANG Funking Conservatory Women’s Tag Team title w/Claudia Reif (October 17, 2009);
  • (Illinois) IUWA Women’s title defeating ?????? (November 1, 2009);

Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • Melissa Coates was a tennis champion and a powerlifting champion with a bench press of 250 lbs..
  • Melissa Coates was once ranked 9th in the world in championship power-lifting and body-building..
  • Melissa Coates scored in the top 10 in the Ms. Olympia twice and becoming a successful fitness and bodybuilding magazine model..
  • Melissa Coates has a college Science degree with a major in biology from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay..
  • Melissa Coates briefly trained at Killer Kowalski’s Training School before enrolling in Ultimate University (UPW) in California..
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling:
  • Melissa Coates relocated to Louisville, Kentucky where she became a part of Ohio Valley Wrestling..
  • Melissa Coates has appeared on the Game Show Network’s “Extreme Dodgeball” program..
  • May 1, 2005 – Backlash: Chris Masters obliderated Melissa Coates in a $3000 Masterlock Challenge..
  • June 7, 2005–OVW TV Taping: The Tolands defeated Gangrel & Kenzo Suzuki and Danny Inferno & Chris Cage in a 3-WAY..
  • ~~~The Blonde Bombers (Tank & Chad Toland) were accompanied by their valets Melissa Coates & Jillian Hall..
  • August 2005: Melissa Coates became the “Head of Security” for Kenny Bolin’s Bolin Services..
  • Late 2005: Melissa Coates broke up with Gene Snitsky, left OVW (Louisville), and began working for Afa’s wXw promotion..
  • Melissa Coates signed up for a series of infomercials alongside actor David Carradine to promote the “Kung Fu Fitness System”
  • February 19, 2006 – Afa’s wXw: Melissa Coates defeated Krissy Vaine..
  • Deep South Wrestling – The Bag Lady:
  • Summer 2006: Melissa Coates prepared to join Deep South Wrestling and will be paired with Freakin’ Deacon..
  • August 2006: Melissa Coates began appearing in vignettes as a “Bag Lady” who is the love interest of The Freakin’ Deacon..
  • September 9, 2006–DSW Six Flags: The “Bag Lady” made her 1st live appearance wandering around during Freakin’ Deacon’s match..
  • ~~~She started calling for Freakin’ Deacon during his match, distracting him until he tagged in Bill DeMott so he could go get her..
  • September 21, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Freakin’ Deacon defeated Goth (The “Bag Lady” showed up to motivate Freakin’ Deacon)..
  • September 28, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Freakin’ Deacon w/The Bag Lady defeated ????? in a dark match..
  • October 5, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Freakin’ Deacon defeated ???????? and left with The Bag Lady…
  • October 19, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: The Bag Lady showed up during a match and tossed insults at G-Rilla..
  • October 26, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: The Bag Lady appeared again to cause a distraction for G-Rilla..
  • February 8, 2007–Deep South Wrestling: Krissy Vaine defeated Angel Williams with help from The Bad Lady..
  • ~~~The referee was going to disqualify Krissy Vaine but she ordered the match to become No-DQ match..
  • February 22, 2007–Deep South Wrestling: Angel Williams defeated The Bag Lady (with a new “hot” look!)..
  • March 2, 2007–USWO: Melissa Coates defeated Tracy Taylor with the Face Lift (aka X-factor) in Tennessee..
  • March 7, 2007–GCW: Melissa Coates valeted for Bull Buchanan in a victory against David Young in Alabama..
  • ~~~After the match: Melissa Coates attacked David Young until “Scream Queen” Daffney ran out for a scuffle!
  • March 9, 2007–GWP: Melissa Coates defeated Brandi Scotch in Ellijay, Georgia..
  • March 14, 2007–GCW: Melissa Coates defeated Trenesha with Daffney as guest referee in Phoenix City, Alabama..
  • ~~~After the match: Melissa Coates attacked referee Daffney and they had an intense pull-apart brawl for several minutes..
  • April 5, 2007–Deep South Wrestling: Krissy Vaine w/Angel Williams defeated Nattie Neidhart w/The Bag Lady..
  • April 6, 2007–GWP: Melissa Coates defeated Sumie Sakai in Ellijay, Georgia..
  • April 14, 2007–AIWF: Melissa Coates defeated Tracy Taylor by spinebuster on a foiled monkey flip..
  • April 18, 2007–GCW: Daffney & Scotty Beach defeated Melissa Coates & Cru Jones in Phoenix City, Alabama..
  • May 29, 2007–GCW: Melissa Coates w/Quentin Michaels defeated Daffney Unger to win the Women’s title..
  • June 9, 2007–Great Championship Wrestling : “The Obsession” Caleb Konley w/Melissa Coates beat Andrew Pendleton III..
  • July 7, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates w/Al Getz defeated Chris King..
  • July 14, 2007–Georgia Wrestling Promotions: Melissa Coates defeated Brandy Scotch Baker in Waleska Park, Georgia..
  • July 21, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates w/Al Getz defeated Wes Grissom.
  • August 18, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates defeated Billy Buck..
  • September 29, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates & Tony Santarelli defeated Todd Sexton & Wesley Grissom..
  • October 6, 2007–NWA Anarchy (TV Tapings): Melissa Coates defeated Derek Ryze in Cornelia, Georgia ..
  • November 3, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates defeated Aaron Lee..
  • November 17, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates defeated Brayden McGuire.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~After the match: Melissa received a box from a “secret admirer” which contained a stuff toy..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~None too pleased, Melissa ripped it to shreds and threw out stuffing and the toy to the crowd!
  • December 1, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates confronted The Regular Guys, wanting to know who sent the “gift”..
  • December 15, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates demanded to participate in the #1 Contenders Mega Rumble..
  • ~~~Melissa slapped Brodie Chase, and teed off on Don Matthews, who took the assault as a sign of affection..
  • ~~~Melissa Coates & Don Matthews got dumped over the top and continued their twisted love affair at ringside..
  • December 29, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Don Matthews came out of the closet regarding his affection for Melissa Coates..
  • ~~~Don Matthews blurted out “I’m smitten like a kitten” – and Melissa Coates cracked him with a stiff forearm!
  • ~~~The lovestruck goofy-faced Don Matthews said “That’s the thing I love most about you. It’s the foreplay.”
  • December 16, 2007–Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling: Melissa Coates vs. Bambi ended in a 10-minute draw…
  • January 5, 2007–NWA Anarchy: Adam Roberts ripped on his buddy Don Matthews loving the “musclebound skank”.
  • ~~~Melissa Coates confronted Adam Roberts. Brodie Chase confronted Melissa Coates and set up a match next month..
  • January 6, 2008–SECW: Bambi defeated Melissa Coates by disqualification when Peggy Lee Leather interfered in the match..
  • January 19, 2008–AWA Florida: Melissa Coates defeated Stephanie Starr..
  • March 8, 2008–Global Championship wrestling: Melissa Coates defeated Jenny Right in Alabama..
  • April 4, 2008–Independent Wrestling Network: Vordell Walker w/Melissa Coates defeated Austin Creed in Columbus, Georgia..
  • May 16, 2008–Independent Wrestling Network: Melissa Coates defeated Sumie Sakai in Columbus, Georgia..
  • May 31, 2008–NWA Anarchy: Brodie Chase w/Melissa Coates defeated Don Mathews in a Survivor Series match..

Independent Wrestling – Mile High Melissa:

  • Melissa Coates adopted a new gimmick called “Mile High Melissa” – playing a flight attendant..
  • April 2008–RPWF (Pennsylvania): Mile High Melissa and Captain Mike Flyte act as personal flight crew to former WWE superstar Sal Sincere in his match against Heavyweight Champion Steve “the Teacher”. Melissa gave Steve a little “turbulence” with a bronco buster in the corner. Unfortunately Steve still won the match..
  • June 2008–ECPW (Connecticut): Mile High Melissa and Captain Mike Flyte act as personal flight crew to Prince Arakataz from Egypt in his match vs. The Patriot. Melissa gave out peanuts to the crowd, gave “Turbulence” to The Patriot, but in the end the Prince lost to the Patriot in a mistake that saw The Patriot duck out of the way and Captain Mike Flyte hit the Prince in the face with the pilot case.
  • June 7, 2008–Southern States Championship Wrestling: Unknown Soldier & Lorelei Lee defeated Brooks Rogers & Melissa Coates..
  • June 27, 2008–Women’s Extreme Wrestling: Amber O’Neal defeated Melissa Coates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..
  • July 2008–VPW (Long Island): Captain Jason Static joined the Flyte Crew in an exhibition match vs another tag team. Melissa used the seatbelt in her pilot case to trip up one of the babyfaces, and suppied Captain Static with an oxygen mask and barf bag after he is bumped repeatedly by the babyfaces. Melissa distracted the referee long enough for the Flyte Crew to double team the legal baby with a double flapjack for the win.
  • August 2008–CCW (Harrisburg PA): Mile High Melissa, Captain Flyte and Captain Static take on the tag team of Johnny Knockout and Justin Cage. Melissa again used her bag of tricks to assist the Flyte crew in winning the match. Distracting the referee with her charms at the end of the match gave Captain Mike Flyte enough time to bash Justin Cage in the head to render him unconscious while having Captain Static in a cross face. Flyte pulled Static over Cage for the 1,2,3
  • August 8–ALF (Montreal Quebec): Mile High Melissa acted as personal flight attendant to former TNA superstars A1 and Jaime D. A1 and Jaime D pound the other tag team of Lollipop and Novacaine, but in a mess up at the end, Lollipop escaped Melissa’s grip and Melissa got clotheslined by Jaime D out of the ring. In the confusion, Jaime D was rolled up for the 1,2,3
  • August 9–Universal Wrestling Federation (Ottawa Ontario): Mile High Melissa acted as personal flight attendant to former TNA superstar Jaime D against Ottawa’s She Nay Nay. Jaime D easily dominated the smaller Nay Nay. Shey Nay Nay got a lucky bulldog in on Jaime D, and ascended to the top rope to go for the tornado DDT, but Melissa grabbed her leg to pull her down. She Nay Nay kicked off Melissa, and nailed Jaime D with the DDT. Melissa acted quickly to distract the referee while Nay Nay covered Jaime D. PO’d She Nay Nay left Jaime D and confronted Melissa and the referee. Melissa sneakily threw the demonstration seat belt to Jaime D for her to hit She Nay Nay with it, but she moved at the last second and Jaime D knocked out Melissa instead. In the confusion, Jaime D was rolled up for the loss..

Independent Wrestling & Women Superstars Uncensored (The Badass Beauties):

  • August 1, 2008–CCW/NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates defeated Jay Sinatra..
  • August 22, 2008–NWS: Melissa Coates defeated Joey Janella in an intergender “Teach the Boy Some Respect” match..
  • August 23, 2008–Women Superstars Uncensored: Melissa Coates defeated Autumn Breeze in Bellville, New Jersey..
  • September 19, 2008–Big Time Wrestling: Melissa Coates & Shannon Ballard defeated Divina & Shane Ballard..
  • October 4, 2008–NWA Anarchy: Melissa & Brodie Chase beat Bo Newsome & Crystal Rose at the Church of Southern Wrestling..
  • October 2008: Melissa Coates formed a tag team with Trixxie Lynn known as the “Badass Beauties” in WSU..
  • October 10, 2008–WSU: Melissa Coates & Trixxie Lynn w/Tammy Sytch defeated Annie Social & Rick Cataldo (w/Sean & Roxxie)..
  • October 11, 2008–WSU: The Beatdown Betties (Roxxie Cotton & Annie Social) defeated Melissa Coates & Trixxie Lynn (1st Round)..
  • October 11, 2008–Women Superstars Uncensored: Melissa Coates participated in a #1 Contenders WSU Battle Royal..
  • November 29, 2008–WSU: The Bad Ass Beauties (Melissa Coates & Trixie Lynn) defeated Reyna Fire & Brooke Carter..
  • December 8, 2008–NWA Anarchy: The newly reinvented Melissa Coates defeated Crystal Rose in Cornelia, Georgia..
  • ~~~After some babyface/babyface chaining, Melissa Coates finally overpowered Rose with a samoan drop and hits the FACELIFT!
  • December 20, 2008–NWA Anarchy: Melissa caused Jerry Palmer to lose to her abusive ex-boyfriend Brodie Chase in 2 minutes..
  • ~~~In previous vignette we see Coates waiting in a room, where she thought she was supposed to meet company owner Jerry Palmer.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~The note was a fake, and Melissa Coates is doused in water, causing her to turn on Jerry Palmer..
  • December 21, 2008–Rampage Pro Wrestling: Genni Wright defeated Tracy Taylor – (Melissa beat the crap out of Tracy afterwards)..
  • December 28 2008–Rampage Pro Wresting: Melissa Coates & Genni Wright beat Tracy Taylor & Sumie Sakai in Georgia..
  • December 31 2008–!BANG!: !BANG! Women’s champion Claudia “The Claw” Reiff defeated Melissa Coates in Ocala, FL..
  • January 4, 2009–Rampage Pro Wrestling: Melissa Coates defeated Tracy Taylor in Warner Robbins, Georgia..
  • January 10, 2009–Women Superstars Uncensored: Melissa Coates vs. Miss April ended in a 10:00 draw.. Melissa Coates defeated Rayna Fyre.
  • January 18, 2009–RPW: Melissa Coates defeated Tracy Taylor.
  • February 7, 2009–Spinebuster Pro Wrestling: Melissa Coates defeated Leva..
  • April 5, 2009–MCWA (Michigan): Melissa (as “Mile High Melissa”) w/Truth Martini defeated Jaime D..
  • ~~~Jaime D hit the chokeslam on Melissa, but Truth Martini distracted the referee and tossed Melissa a safety seatbelt!
  • ~~~Mile High Melissa clocked Jaime D and tossed the seatbelt out of the ring behind the refs b ack and got the 1,2,3!
  • April 25, 2009–WPW: Jaime D w/Melissa Coates defeated Hailey Hatred w/Murder Minka in Skateland, MI..
  • April 26, 2009–TWA: Melissa Coates is the special guest referee in a tag match featuring Jaime D & ?? vs. She Nay Nay & ??..
  • May 3, 2009–!FC BANG!: Claudia Reiff & Johnny Romano defeated Blain Rage & Melissa Coates.
  • May 18, 2009–GWP: Melissa Coates hit the ring and beat up a bunch of people, guys and girls included – in Woodstock, GA..
  • July 25, 2009–FWA (Florida): Melissa Coates and Leva do 2 matches and end up 1 and 1, and then brawl at the end of the main event
  • September 4, 2009–DCW: Melissa Coates is the inaugural Women’s Champion at the Dragon’con Sci-Fi convention in Atlanta GA..
  • ~~~Melissa Coates defeated Crystal Rose and Ebony of NWA: ANARCHY in just over a minute! to retain the DCW Women’s title..
  • September 5, 2009–!BANG!: The Wasilla Wrecking Crew (Rachel & Charlotte) defeated Melissa Coates & Claudia Reiff..
  • ~~~Melissa Coates had to intervene in the brawl between Rachel and Claudia, and being distracted got rolled up by sneaky Charlotte!
  • September 12, 2009–PWR: The Polyester Crew & Lil Salazar beat Melissa Coates & the Rock of Love in Santa Maria, CA..
  • September 19, 2009–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates defeated Krissy Vaine..
  • September 26, 2009–IUWA: Melissa Coates defeated IUWA Women’s Champion Kelee in Streamwood, Illinois..
  • ~~~~Since Kelee’s partner interfered causing a disqualification – therefor Melissa Coates does not get the belt!
  • October 15, 2009–SEW Pro Wrestling (Callahan FL): Melissa Coates defeated Veronica Fairchild to end a friendship over missing eye liner!
  • October 17, 2009–!BANG! (Ocala FL): Melissa Coates becomes Dory Funk’s !BANG! Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Claudia “The Claw” Reiff by defeating the Wasilla Wrecking Crew of Rachel and Charlotte. Coates came up short in the 5 Woman Battle Royal just before this for the !BANG! Women’s Championship, which while Coates was checking on former women’s champion Claudia, she turned into a drop kick from Rachel and exited the ring!
  • October 24, 2009–WASW Pro Wrestling (Eden, NC): Melissa Coates teams with Persephone in a losing effort in a tag match against WASW Ladies Champion Allison Danger. Persephone takes the pin, setting up a fight between Coates and her partner Persephone, and then Coates challenging Danger for the WASW Ladies Championship in December..
  • October 29, 2009–SEW Pro Wrestling (Dalton GA):Melissa Coates defeats Veronica Fairchild in a continuation of their feud! Melissa has had enough of the southern favorite and shows her who’s boss!
  • October 31, 2009–SEW Pro Wrestling (Dalton GA): Melissa Coates is again up against Veronica Fairchild, but in an odd twist when two male wrestlers come ringside to argue with announcer Terry White about his screwing up THEIR match, Melissa and Veronica join forces to teach the boys a little RESPECT! Atomic drops, OTK spankings, 10 punches in the corner, Jeff Hardy-like dropping leg blows to their abdomens (!), and the boys are simultaneously pinned for the 1,2,3.
  • November 1, 2009–IUWA Pro Wrestling (Chicago Heights IL): Coates becomes IUWA Women’s Champion in a tooth and nail battle against former champion Kelee. Coates get the FACELIFT for the victory, and celebrates with the crowd for the victory..
  • November 14, 2009–Lynx Pro Wrestling (Gaffney SC): Veronica Fairchild squeaks past Coates with a sunset flip in the corner after Coates had incapacitated herself on a missed running shoulder tackle in the corner. Coates delivered much damage to Fairchild during the prior 10 minutes however, including bear hugs, backbreaker, and OTK.
  • November 21, 2009–!BANG!: Coates is in a 3 way with former !BANG! Ladies Champ Claudia Reiff, and BANG! Ladies current Champion Rachel. The Tag Team Champions, Claudia and Melissa fight over whose turn it is to be the champion, and while the two fight for the pin and pull each other off pins, Coates is distracted and gets rolled up by Rachel, who remains !BANG! Women’s Champion!
  • November 28, 2009–GCW: Deanna Conda defeated Melissa Coates, Mercy and Sabrina Kyle in a 4-way, 1st round match.
  • December 19, 2009–NWA Anarchy: Melissa Coates defeated Crystal Rose.
  • December 31, 2009–FC !BANG!: Claudia Reiff defeated Rachael Moore, Melissa Coates and Sar-Ah in a gauntlet match to win the women’s title.
  • April 3, 2010–WSU: Mercedes Martinez defeated Melissa Coates by submission to retain the WSU Championship..
  • August 7, 2010–CCW: Cherry Bomb and Jaime D defeated Holly Hilton and Melissa Coates.
  • October 9, 2010–MCW: Mickie James defeated Mia Yim and Melissa Coates in a 3-way match.
  • November 6, 2010–WSU: Melissa Coates defeated Jennifer Cruz. WSU All Guts No Glory champion Angel Orsini defeated Brittney Savage, Cindy Rogers, Jana, Melissa Coates and Rick Cataldo in a 6-way gauntlet match to retain the title.
  • December 30, 2010–Fazoo Crew: Melissa Coates defeated Brittany Force.
  • January 1, 2011–MCW Mia Yim defeated Melissa Coates..
  • February 24, 2012–UCW: Reby Sky defeated Melissa Coates.
  • May 25, 2012–BCW: Melissa Coates defeated BCW ladies champion Stacy Shadows by disqualification. Stacy Shadows retains the title.
  • May 26, 2012–BTPW: Melissa Coates defeated Persephone Vice.
  • June 15, 2012–BCW: Melissa Coates defeated Stacy Shadows to win the ladies title.
  • October 20, 2012–UCW: Melissa Coates defeated Lisa Funk.
  • December 15, 2012–NWA Ring Warriors: Amazona and Su Yung defeated Melissa Coates and Silvie Silver.
  • January 25, 2013–Vendetta Pro: Melissa Coates was in a battle royal won by Rik Luxury.
  • April 15, 2013–Vendetta Pro: Allie Parker, Andrea The Giant, Sammy Hall, Santana Garrett & Tab Jackson defeated Kat Von Heez, La Rosa Negra, Melissa Coates, Raven Lake & Sexy Samantha in a tag team elimination match.
  • April 20, 2013–Ring Warriors: Big Vito and Melissa Coates defeated La Rosa Negra and Stevie Richards.
  • May 4, 2013–SlamFest: Melissa Coates defeated Tasha Simone.
  • June 29, 2013–PWB: Melissa Coates defeated Melanie Cruise in a dark match.
  • July 20, 2013–RW: Su Yung defeated Melissa Coates, Santana Garrett and Silvie Silver in a 4-way elimination match to become #1 contender for the Battling Bombshells title.
  • August 10, 2013–BTPW: Persephone Vice defeated Melissa Coates.
  • September 7, 2013–UCW: Melissa Coates defeated Dementia D’Rose.
  • September 28, 2013–PWS: Craig Steele and Melissa Coates defeated Lucifer Darksyde and Silvie Silver.
  • October 4, 2013–NECW: Mistress Belmont defeated Melissa Coates.
  • November 16, 2013–Superstars of Wrestling: Tatevik the Gamer defeated Melissa Coates.
  • June 1, 2014–Vendetta Pro: Melissa Coates was in a gauntlet match won by La Rosa Negra.
  • June 2, 2014–Vendetta Pro: Team USA (Allie Parker, Andrea The Giant, Kiara Dillon, Short Sleeve Sampson, Tab Jackson & Terra Calaway) defeated Team Canada (Arlene James, Kat Von Heez, Melissa Coates, Sage Sin, Samantha Slides & Shannon Ballard).
  • August 15, 2014–RCW: Skarlet defeated Melissa Coates.
  • September 27, 2014–AWS: Ruby Raze defeated Melissa Coates.
  • October 10, 2014–BTW/ACW: Sera Feeny defeated Kacee Carlisle and Melissa Coates in a 3-way elimination match to win the ACW women’s title.
  • November 12, 2020: Melissa Coates had several blood clots in her leg in which resulted in her leg to be amputated.
  • June 23, 2021: Melissa Coates passed away at the age of 50.
  • Special thanks to the lovely Melissa Coates for helping with this profile and being a great friend!
Updated: June 24, 2021 @ 6:34 am

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Trained By

Killer Kowalski's School,
Ultimate University (UPW),
OVW Training Center,
DSW Training Center




June 18, 1974


Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario
Relocated to Louisville, KY (OVW)
Relocated to McDonough, GA (DSW)
Billed from Los Angeles, California






145 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Face Lift (Sit-down Gourdbuster)
~~~aka the Crash Landing
~~~aka the Slave Maker
The Coates Rack

Favorite Move(s)

The Nose Job (Inverted DVD),
The Botox Lock (Lotus Hold)

Notable Feuds

Jillian Hall,
Mickie James,
Nick Nemeth,
Angel Williams,
Mercedes Martinez,
Sumie Sakai,
Don Matthews,
Veronica Fairchild