Mike Adamle

Career Highlights


  • Mike Adamle’s father, Tony Adamle, played six seasons with the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League..
  • Mike Adamle played football at Northwestern University and then in the NFL with: Kansas City, Chicago, & New York Jets.
  • 2008: Mike Adamle was with both RAW and ECW as a commentator, eventually become the General Manager of RAW..
  • July 28, 2008–RAW: Shane McMahon introduced the WWE Universe to the NEW General Manager of RAW… Mike Adamle!
  • August 25, 2008–RAW: Mike Adamle announced that John Cena was injured at SummerSlam after taking two Batista-bombs!
  • September 22, 2008–RAW: Mike Adamle banned everybody from laying a hand on Randy Orton under threat of suspension..
  • September 29, 2008–RAW: Randy Orton demanded that General Manager Mike Adamle resuspend C.M. Punk (declined)..
  • October 27, 2008–RAW: Randy Orton harassed G.M. Mike Adamle until Adamle snapped and slapped Orton accross the face!
  • November 3, 2008–RAW: Randy Orton demanded that Shane McMahon fire Mike Adamle, but Adamle ended up resigning first..
  • Mike Adamle resigned from the RAW G.M. position the same year and was later released from World Wrestling Entertainment..