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Mike McGuirk

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Career Highlights

  • Mike McGuirk is the daughter of legendary NWA Tri-State promoter, Leroy McGuirk.
  • Mike McGuirk was a ring announcer for the WWF between 1989 and 1992.
  • Mike McGuirk often bore the brunt of many Bobby Heenan insults, but it was all in good fun.
  • ~~~Heenan: “Who’s the toots?”
  • ~~~Monsoon: “That’s our new ring announcer, the lovely Mike McGuirk”.
  • ~~~Heenan: “Mike?! What’s her brother’s name – Sally?”
  • ~~~Monsoon: I don’t know.. maybe her father wanted a boy”.
  • ~~~Heenan (mutters): “Looks like he almost got one..”
  • Once, Big Bully Busick started to harass Mike McGuirk until Sid Justice’s music started and he made short work of the Bully.
  • Mike McGuirk even got a shot at colour commentary on the Best of the WWF Volume 15.
  • Mike McGuirk did commentary on WWF TV All-American Wrestling with Bruce Pritchard, Lanny Poffo and others.
  • Mike McGuirk was once married to Brian Blair of the Killer Bees.
  • Mike McGuirk was indeed the precursor to Lilian Garcia.
  • Mike McGuirk has a son starting out in wrestling named Maximus McGuirk.



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April 1988 (WWF)


March 16, 1958


Tulsa, Oklahoma




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