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Title History


Career Highlights


  • September 27, 1966: Lou Thesz defeated “The Mummy” (Benji Ramirez)..
  • December 20, 1995: Benji Ramirez died in an airplane crash at the age of 63..

    Frank Earl wrote: Benny Ramirez was a really nice guy, not big and all muscles, but a good wrestler and easy to get on with. His alter ego was a character he used sometimes -The Mummy. When travelling, Benny would dress in his Egyptian mummy outfit, which was covered in bandages, before we picked him up to drive to the match, and lie down in the back of the station wagon. One day, Larry Hennig and the other wrestlers stopped at a roadside diner to eat. Refuelled, they set off to the town they were appearing in. As they approached the arena, Larry told Benny to put his mask on, as we were nearly there. There was no reply. Looking over the back seat, Larry discovered that there was no Benny. It turned out that he had left the car to pee round the back of the diner, just as the rest of the boys took off. Benny had tried to hitch a lift, but the way he was dressed made people think he had escaped form a hospital, or was a mental patient. Benny was almost shot by a nervous citizen who thought he was an armed robber. Other drivers fled screaming as he approached them. Soon the police arrived, but poor Benny had no ID, and they did not believe he was who he said he was. After a while, someone contacted the promoter, who sped to the scene and rescued his man. Benny arrived at the arena a little late, but went on to do his match……



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January 2, 1932





Finishing Move(s)

The Carotid Clutch (Cobra)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Luke Graham
Mil Mascaras
Pepper Gomez