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Oki Shikina

Title History


  • (Oklahoma) Tag Team titles w/Sugarbear Harris ();


Career Highlights


  • Oki Shikina was actually Mexican, although when working as Oki he was the “Japanese Flying Machine”….
  • 1979L: Oki Shikina formed a tag team with “Sugarbear” Harris managed by Percy Pringle III in Mississippi..
  • Oki Shikina has since passed away although we do not know when or where or the cause of death…
  • Not to be confused with the ORIGINAL Oki Shikina, who was born in Japan and moved his family to Hawaii…
  • ~~~The original Oki Shikina was a training partner/trainer of Rikidozan and was the senior referee for the JWA…

    Robert Louis Howell wrote Oki Shikina wrestled as “Dr. M” in Georgia. When El Mongol was on suspension in Atlanta, he returned under the black mask as Dr. M to confuse the issue further when Mongol was reinstated Dandy Jack Crawford would have Mongol and Shikina exchange the mask and claim M was a third wrestler. When Shikina lost the mask Crawford claimed it was not Shikina but “Senor Zapata”



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Trained By




Originally from Mexico
Retired to Valdosta, Georgia




Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds