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Pak Song

Title History

  • NWA Western States Heavyweight title defeating Terry Funk (July 16, 1970);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/ Kim Ill defeating Gorgeous George Jr. and Rufus R. Jones (December 17, 1970);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team titles w/ Mr. Wrestling defeating Victor Rivera and Raul Reyes (1973);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Heavyweight title defeating John Tolos (November 16, 1973);
  • NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title defeating Dusty Rhodes (July 25, 1974);
  • NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title defeating Jerry Brisco (August 29, 1974);
  • NWA Florida Heavyweight title defeating Jerry Brisco (March 1975);
  • NWA Florida Heavyweight title defeating Thunderbolt Patterson (March 17, 1976);
  • NWA Georgia Tag Team titles w/ The Executioner (Bob Remus) defeating Tommy Rich and Tony Atlas (September 1977);
  • NWA Florida Tag Team titles w/ Eric the Red defeating Bobby Duncum and Killer Karl Kox (November 10, 1978);
  • NWA (Florida) United States Tag Team titles w/ Jos LeDuc defeating Jim Garvin and Killer Karl Kox (1979);
  • NWA (Florida) United States Tag Team titles w/ Killer Khan defeating Wayne Ferris and Larry Lathem [Tournament] (March 31, 1979);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/ Gino Hernandez (1980);
  • NWA Central States Tag Team titles w/ Takachiho defeating Pat O` Connor and Bob Brown (April 17, 1980);


Career Highlights


  • Pal Song-Nam was afflicted with Marfan’s Syndrome which is sort of like acromegaly (similar to Baba and Andre).
  • 1970: Pak Song debuted in the Amarillo territory teaming with Ill Kim and later, Seiji Sakaguchi.
  • March 1975: Pak Song defeated Jerry Brisco to win the Florida Heavyweight title.
  • March 26, 1976: Pak Song defeated Thunderbolt Patterson to win the Florida State title.
  • April 17, 1980: Pak Song and Takachiho defeated Bob Brown and Dick Murdoch for the NWA Central States Tag Team titles!
  • Pak Song was managed by Rock Hunter (Georgia), Gary Hart (Florida), Sonny King and Haben Muhad (aka Bearcat Wright).
  • Pak Song Nam died in 1982 at the age of 37.

    Benjamin E. Drew wrote: Information on Pak Song is sketchy, but I believe these are the only dates with documentation. There is a “Song Pak” listed in the Social Security Death Index listed as being born on December 14, 1941 and dying September 1980 (no exact day given, as is common with older dates of death). I think that is wrestler Pak Song. SSDI gives the name order as it would appear in the US, with the family name last (and Pak, along with its variant “Park” are very common Korean “last” names). His wrestling name preserved the original Korean order common in Oriental names.

Some other reasons I believe this to be the wrestler: His SSN was issued in Missouri. He apparently started in NWA-affiliated territories, which was headquartered in MO. That might account for MO being the state of issuance. One newspaper account (didn’t get the name and date) from 1970 said that he was 28 years old. His having come over earlier in the year, and his birthdate apparently being in December is in line with the Social Security name and dates. His last newspaper listing was in an advertised bout in the September 2 Paris (Texas) News. There’s no indication whether or not he actually made the match advertised in the bout, and his name disappeared in newspaper archives after that date. That’s also in line with the September 1980 date of death. I’ve seen various dates given for is DOB and DOD, but I was never able to get any corroboration on any of them, or original source other than someone else’s website. This at least has some official documentation.


Social Media


Trained By









Finishing Move(s)

The Claw Hold

Favorite Move(s)

Karate Thrust or Kick

Notable Feuds

Terry Funk
Nano Ortega
Ciclone Negro
Dusty Rhodes
Jack Brisco
Thunderbolt Patterson
Mr. Wrestling II