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Palmer Canon

Title History


  • Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team titles w/The Mighty Mini defeating Attrition (August 23, 2003);
  • Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team titles w/The Mighty Mini defeating Brian Buffet & Peter Mulloy (March 12, 2004);
  • Chaotic Wrestling New England title by winning a Royal Rumble (April 30, 2004);
  • Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight title defeating Maverick Wild (March 18, 2005);
  • AOM (All Out Mayhem) Heavyweight title defeating Captain Freedom (November 20, 2010);


Career Highlights

Chaotic Wrestling:

  • Brian Black worked prodominantly fo the Massachusetts-based Chaotic Wrestling promotion..
  • April 19, 2003–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black & Mighty Mini defeated Kevin Matthews & Danny Demanto..
  • August 9, 2003–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black defeated Dukes Dalton in Tewksbury, MA..
  • August 23, 2003 – CW: Brian Black & The Mighty Mini defeated Attrition for the Tag Team titles..
  • March 12, 2004 – CW: Brian Black & The Mighty Mini defeated Brian Buffet & Peter Mulloy for the Tag Team titles!
  • April 30, 2004 – CW: Brian Black won the vacated New England title by outlasting 27 other competitors in a Royal Rumble match..
  • ~~~Afterwards, Brian Black defeated Luis Ortiz which caused Ortiz to attack Black with a chair and destroy the New England belt..
  • June 25, 2004–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black defeated Adam Booker in Lowell, MA..
  • September 17, 2004–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black defeated Luis Ortiz..
  • October 8, 2004–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black defeated Andre Lyonz..
  • January 6, 2005 – Smackdown!: Brian Black faced Kurt Angle on an edition of SmackDown! in a Kurt Angle Invitational..
  • January 8, 2005–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Lilonas won four-way over Fred Sampson and Arch Kincaid and Brian Black..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later that night, Brian Black won a Battle Royal..
  • February 18, 2005–Chaotic Wrestling: Arch Kincaid defeated Brian Black..
  • March 18, 2005–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black defeated Maverick Wild to win the Chaotic Heavyweight title!
  • April 1, 2005–Chaotic Wrestling: Brian Black forfieted the Chaotic title due to contractual obligations to WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment – Palmer Canon:
  • March 10 2005: Brian Black signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment..
  • May 2, 2005 – RAW: Todd Hansen defeated Brian Black in a dark match..
  • August 25, 2005 – Smackdown!: Brian Black debuted as a character known as Palmer Canon, a representative from “The Network”..
  • ~~~Canon’s first act was to cancel a Ligerie match between Stacy Keibler & Christy Hemme, which didn’t make the fans happy!
  • September 1, 2005 – Smackdown!: Palmer Canon apologized to Stacy and Christy and booked them in a traditional wrestling match..
  • September 1, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon appeared and said he was there to scout talent for Smackdown!..
  • September 15, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Kane (returned from a long hiatus) choke slammed Palmer Canon..
  • September 16, 2005 – Smackdown!: Palmer Canon underminded GM Long’s authority and named Eddie Guerrero as #1 Contender!
  • October 13, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon defeated Ox Hazzard..
  • October 14, 2005 – SD!: Palmer Canon introduced The Boogey Man who cut a creepy promo and smashed a clock over his head..
  • October 20, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Jack Bull defeated Palmer Canon by Disqualification..
  • October 21, 2005 – SD!: Palmer Canon continued to introduce “new talent” by introducing the addition of the “Junior” Division..
  • October 27, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: “Silverback” Ryan Reeves defeated Palmer Canon by Disqualification..
  • November 3, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Palmer Canon..
  • November 23, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Tony Santorelli defeated Palmer Canon in the 1st round of the DSW Title Tournament!
  • November 27, 2005 – Survivor Series: Theodore Long w/Palmer Canon defeated Eric Bischoff with help from The Boogeyman!
  • December 1, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon defeated Lash Leroux..
  • December 15, 2005–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon defeated Antonio Banks..
  • January 26, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Derrick Neikirk defeated Palmer Canon to retain the DSW Heavyweight title..
  • February 9, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon interrupted a Bikini Contest until Tommy Dreamer showed up to save the day!
  • ~~~Palmer Canon (w/Angel Williams & Trenesha) defeated Tommy Dreamer (w/Michelle McCool & Tracy Taylor & Kristal Marshall)..
  • ~~~~~~Freakin Deacon helped Palmer Canon beat down Tommy Dreamer until Giant Dalip Singh debuted to chase the heels away..
  • March 2, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon (Who claimed Dalip Singh would join his faction) defeated Antonio Mestre..
  • March 9, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Antonio Maestre defeated Palmer Canon in a special 6-minute challenge match..
  • ~~~Canon had six minutes to pin Mestre twice but failed within seconds. Dalip Singh attacked Mestre and left with Canon!
  • March 16, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Ray Gordy defeated Palmer Canon with Nick Patrick (Assassin’s son) as referee ..
  • ~~~Palmer Canon had the match won but Nick Patrick faked a shoulder injury to “screw him” to get revenge for Assassin..
  • ~~~Later on, Palmer Canon got Freakin Deacon & Dalip Singh to “sacrifice” Nick Patrick and put Deacon’s spider on him..
  • March 23, 2006–DSW: Palmer Canon (w/Dalip Singh & Freakin Deacon) beat Antonio Mestre with Matt Striker as referee..
  • March 30, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Cannon defeated Ray Gordy with help from Dalip Singh…
  • April 6, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon defeated Onyx with Matt Striker as referee…
  • April 13, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Palmer Canon defeated Damien Steel with Matt Striker as the referee ..
  • April 20, 2006: Palmer Canon quit the WWE while on tour with Europe, flying himself home midway through the tour..
  • ~~~Reports circulate suggesting that the sudden departure was due to a “hazing incident” that involved JBL..
  • ~~~~~WWE management is going out of their way to change Palmer Canon’s mind to being him back to Smackdown!..
  • April 27, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Teddy Long showed up to “ban” Palmer Canon from Deep South and “rehired” Nick Patrick..
  • May 11, 2006–Deep South Wrestling: Theodore Long replaced Palmer Canon in the storyline where he is in control of the promotion..Independent Circuit – Palmer Canon:
  • May 18, 2006–All Out Mayhem: Palmer Canon defeated “Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble….
  • October 21, 2006–Eastern Wrestling Alliance: Antonio Thomas vs Brian Black ended in a No Contest..
  • November 11, 2006–All Out Mayhem Wrestling: Tito Santana defeated Palmer Canon in Machias, Maine..
  • December 1, 2006–Chaotic Wrestling: Fred Sampson & Brian Black defeated Pretty Psycho (Handsome Johnny & Psycho)..
  • December 2, 2006–All Out Mayhem: Frankie Armadillo defeated Palmer Canon in South Portland, Maine ..
  • August 2008: Brian Mailhot made his MMA debut in Plymouth, Massachusetts winning his fight over Tony Rea via slam.
  • November 20, 2010–All Out Mayhem: Palmer Canon defeated Captain Freedom to win the AOM Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~LATER: “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko defeated Palmer Canon to win the AOM Heavyweight Championship!


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Trained By

Mike Hollow
Killer Kowalski




August 12, 1975


Portland, Maine






260 lbs

Finishing Move(s)


Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Johnny Curtis
Arch Kincaid
Antonio Mestre