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Pat Brady

Title History


  • WCCW (West Coast Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight title (1986 in Vancouver);
  • UWA International Tag Team titles w/Rick Davis ();
  • UWA Canadian Heavyweight title (1989);
  • PCCW (Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling) International Tag Team titles w/Michelle Starr (1990);


Career Highlights


  • April 27, 1985: Pat Brady wrestled his first match against Bob Wayne, time-limit draw in Nanton, Alberta..
  • Pat Brady wrestled as “Dynamite” Pat Brady in Portland (1987) and ICCW Vancouver (1988)..

    Pat Brady wrote: I began training myself to turn pro in 1981. I met Wayne Farris (Honky Tonk Man) in Calgary and he started me off early 1985. I had a bit of training in the Hart Dungeon, and wrestled Dynamite Kid in 1989. I had a short feud with Playboy Buddy Rose in 1988. I formed a tag team with Ron Starr and King Harley Race 1989. I worked mostly full-time 1985-1990, off and on until 1997. I was mentored at varying stages by E.T. (Tom) Stanton, Gerry Morrow, Moondog Ed Moretti, and Coco Samoa. I learned a lot also from Rip Oliver, Mike Miller, Phil Lafon (Danny Kroffat, Phil Lafleur), Buddy Wayne, Ron Starr, Don Jardine (Original Spoiler), and Frenchie Martin. Favorite guys to work with: (in no particular order): Tim Patterson, Sonny Myers, Rip Oliver, Buddy Rose, Robotron Randy Tyler, Phil Lafleur, Buddy Wayne. . . Favorite Tag Partners: Dobie Gillis (Greg Gillies), Rotten Ron Starr. Thanks to everyone I ever worked with or for, and to everyone who came out to watch!


Pat Brady wrote again: One thing I neglected to mention was that it was Al Tomko, promotor of All-Star Wrestling in Vancouver, who gave me the ‘kilt’ gimmick in 1985. He told me, ‘Hey, I put the kilt on Piper in Winnipeg in the early ’70s and look what it did for him!’ Good enough for Piper, good enough for me. I used the kilt mainly in working for Canadian promotions.

I retired after a serious knee injury in 1997. Since then I’ve worked as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. This line of work has been most therapeutic for me, but I still carry in my bones and soft tissues the wear and tear of the ring, the road and the gym.


Social Media


Trained By

Honky Tonk Man
Ben Bassarab


April 27, 1985




Calgary, Alberta





235 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Figure-four leglock
Rolling reverse cradle/bridge
German suplex/bridge

Favorite Move(s)

Drop-kick off top rope
Belly-to-belly suplex

Notable Feuds

E.T. Stanton
Vern Seibert (1985-86)
Ivan Gorky (1988-89)
Mike Roselli (1989)
Rotten Ron Starr (1989)
Cuban Commandoes (1989)
~~Cuban Assassin (1989)
~~Gerry Morrow (1989)