Pat Brady

Title History


  • WCCW (West Coast Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight title (1986 in Vancouver);
  • UWA International Tag Team titles w/Rick Davis ();
  • UWA Canadian Heavyweight title (1989);
  • PCCW (Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling) International Tag Team titles w/Michelle Starr (1990);


Career Highlights


  • April 27, 1985: Pat Brady wrestled his first match against Bob Wayne, time-limit draw in Nanton, Alberta..
  • Pat Brady wrestled as “Dynamite” Pat Brady in Portland (1987) and ICCW Vancouver (1988)..

    Pat Brady wrote: I began training myself to turn pro in 1981. I met Wayne Farris (Honky Tonk Man) in Calgary and he started me off early 1985. I had a bit of training in the Hart Dungeon, and wrestled Dynamite Kid in 1989. I had a short feud with Playboy Buddy Rose in 1988. I formed a tag team with Ron Starr and King Harley Race 1989. I worked mostly full-time 1985-1990, off and on until 1997. I was mentored at varying stages by E.T. (Tom) Stanton, Gerry Morrow, Moondog Ed Moretti, and Coco Samoa. I learned a lot also from Rip Oliver, Mike Miller, Phil Lafon (Danny Kroffat, Phil Lafleur), Buddy Wayne, Ron Starr, Don Jardine (Original Spoiler), and Frenchie Martin. Favorite guys to work with: (in no particular order): Tim Patterson, Sonny Myers, Rip Oliver, Buddy Rose, Robotron Randy Tyler, Phil Lafleur, Buddy Wayne. . . Favorite Tag Partners: Dobie Gillis (Greg Gillies), Rotten Ron Starr. Thanks to everyone I ever worked with or for, and to everyone who came out to watch!


Pat Brady wrote again: One thing I neglected to mention was that it was Al Tomko, promotor of All-Star Wrestling in Vancouver, who gave me the ‘kilt’ gimmick in 1985. He told me, ‘Hey, I put the kilt on Piper in Winnipeg in the early ’70s and look what it did for him!’ Good enough for Piper, good enough for me. I used the kilt mainly in working for Canadian promotions.

I retired after a serious knee injury in 1997. Since then I’ve worked as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. This line of work has been most therapeutic for me, but I still carry in my bones and soft tissues the wear and tear of the ring, the road and the gym.